Tunisian Clusterlab Raises $600k Pre-Seed to Help Advance Its Arabic AI Tech

Tunisian Clusterlab raises $600k pre-seed to help advance its Arabic AI tech. Clusterweb, an AI startup originally from Tunisia but now based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has collected $600,000 in funding before launching its product.

Clusterlab Raises $600k Pre-Seed

The funding came from investors like Karim Beguir, who is the CEO of Tunisian InstaDeep, and other investors from the region.

Clusterlab Raises $600k Pre-Seed

The team behind Reedz, an app that summarizes audiobooks in Arabic, shared that they’ve secured new funding. This money will help them speed up their research and development efforts, especially in making better large language models (LLMs).

These improved models will make their AI-powered products, like Reedz and Elm, a learning app, even better for users.

This news is a big step forward for Clusterlab. They’re aiming to change how people create and enjoy Arabic content by using these advanced models to make it easier and more fun for everyone worldwide.

What is Clusterlab

Clusterlab was started in Tunisia in 2020 by Haithem Kchaou (CEO) and Chehir Dhaouadi (CTO). They focus on artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, with a commitment to using AI for social and educational purposes.

Before this funding round, they worked with another AI startup called InstaDeep on an AI initiative for Tunisia’s Ministry of Higher Education. Clusterlab was also chosen for the Nvidia Inception Program, which supports AI startups.

Clusterlab Working on NLP-Based Content Summarization

Kchaou says their team has been working on NLP-based content summarization for a while, even before it became popular. Now, they’re excited about what’s coming next and eager to share their progress with the public. Dhaouadi looks forward to showing off their AI solutions on a larger scale in the coming months.



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