Hormuud Telecom Reportedly Launches 5G Service on Key Locations across Somalia

Hormuud Telecom reportedly launches 5G service on key locations across Somalia. Somalia’s telecommunications provider, Hormuud Telecom, has announced the rollout of 5G network connectivity in eight different areas throughout the nation.

Hormuud Telecom Launches 5G Service across Somalia

Hormuud Telecom Launches 5G Service across Somalia

Hormuud Telecom, a leading telecommunications company in Somalia, has introduced 5G network coverage in eight key areas across the nation, including Mogadishu, Kismayo, Galkayo, and Baidoa. This expansion aims to provide high-speed internet access to more people and improve connectivity in both urban and rural areas.

Starting from March 21, 2024, Hormuud Telecom will offer free upgrades to its existing 4G customers and provide an unlimited data plan for $20 per month. This initiative is expected to enhance internet accessibility and affordability for Hormuud customers across the country.

What Hormuud Aims To Achieve with the Introduction of 5G Technology

With the introduction of 5G technology, Hormuud Telecom aims to achieve up to 81% coverage in the mentioned areas, significantly improving internet speeds and overall connectivity. The company’s CEO, Ahmed Yusuf, emphasized the benefits of advanced technology, including faster internet and improved services in various sectors.

The launch of 5G by Hormuud Telecom is a significant milestone for Somalia’s telecommunications sector, demonstrating the country’s commitment to technological advancement and growth. The Minister of Telecommunication, Jama Hassan Khalif, praised the move, highlighting its importance for the nation’s development.

Other Telecommunications Providers to Adopt 5G Technology in the Region

Somalia is not alone in its adoption of 5G technology. Other telecommunications providers, such as Somtel, have also launched 5G networks in the country. Moreover, Somalia’s National Communications Authority (NCA) has been actively working on a National 5G strategy to guide the implementation and allocation of 5G spectrum in the country.

The Latest Trend of Digital Evolution across Africa

This development reflects the broader trend of digital evolution across Africa, with countries like South Africa, Nigeria, and Namibia also embracing 5G connectivity.

The partnership between Mobile Telecommunications Company and Huawei in Namibia is another example of efforts to expand internet access and enhance connectivity in the region.



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