Huawei and Namibia’s Mobile Telecommunications Company Test 5G in the Country

Huawei and Namibia’s Mobile Telecommunications Company test 5G in the country. Namibia’s Mobile Telecommunications Company (MTC) and Huawei Technologies, a Chinese tech company, have teamed up to launch a trial demonstration of the country’s inaugural 5G technology.

Namibia’s Mobile Telecommunications Company Test 5G in the Country

Namibia’s Mobile Telecommunications Company Test 5G in the Country

The event, held in Windhoek, marks Namibia’s first demonstration of 5G technology. This follows the award of 5G licenses by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Namibia (CRAN) to three telecom providers in October 2023.

Previously, Namibia’s government approved the deployment of a 5G network in 2022. MTC, the largest mobile operator in Namibia with over 80% market share and two million active subscribers, had indicated its readiness to launch 5G services after upgrading its network infrastructure.

Telecommunication Companies Granted 5G Licenses

CRAN granted 5G licenses to MTC, Telecom Namibia, and Loc8 Mobile for a ten-year period, allowing for the deployment of both 4G and 5G services.

Emma Theofelus, the minister of information, communication, and technology, highlighted the importance of keeping up with technology like 5G to achieve the government’s Vision 2030.

MTC’s Pride in Completing a Successful Trial Of 5G Network Connectivity

MTC expressed pride in completing a successful trial of 5G network connectivity. Huawei’s Namibia Managing Director, Michael Zhang, emphasized their commitment to deploying cutting-edge technologies in collaboration with MTC.

Huawei and MTC’s Previous Collaboration       

Huawei and MTC have previously collaborated on introducing 3G, 4G, and 4.5G technologies in Namibia. Recently, Huawei unveiled a 5.5G intelligent core network solution at a product launch event.

Other African Countries to Launch 5G Services

Several African countries, including Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Zambia, have already launched 5G services. In January 2023, Egypt’s Telecom regulator granted Telecom Egypt a 15-year 5G license, making it the first telco in Egypt to receive one.



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