Microsoft Edge Is Finally Gaining Market Share

Microsoft edge is finally gaining market share following the retirement of the internet explorer.

Microsoft Edge Is Finally Gaining Market Share

Microsoft Edge Is Finally Gaining Market Share

Newly accumulate figures show that around one in ten internet users are now making use of Microsoft edge following the retirement of the internet explorer. The recent Statcounter data shows the edge browser have now reached 10.62% of the global market share in the month of June 2022 thus taking over Safari by apple to take it to the second place among the ranks of desktop browsers.

The browser still have a long way to go in its bid to get to top spot with Google chrome still leading the race with a whopping 66.93% market share.

Edge Vs Chrome Browsers

In the latter month leading to the month of June, the edge browser had grown by up to 0.52% which is a surprisingly large leap that could be well attributed to the retirement of the internet explorer. Later figures for July have however shown a little but significant increase for Edge of up to 10.86%, while Chrome on the other hand drops by 0.79%. The Safari browser however remained fairly stable, representing just fewer than 9% of all desktop Internet users globally.

Edge browser has enjoyed a slightly more improved 12 months in the UK to be precise, where it went from 13.73% to a significant 19.01% over the period of the year.

And despite its growing popularity, Edge gets no mention in regards to mobile and tablet browsers, where Chrome makes up 65.16% and 48.32% respectively, and Safari on the other hand remains comfortably in second position for both platforms.

Microsoft Edge Updates

Microsoft has been introducing a healthy number of updates into Edge as it eased off things with Internet Explorer, and this is including a revamped command bar to help make opening of new tabs and web apps easier and simpler.

The tech giant also have reworked the way its browser handles caches with the clear intention and plan of speeding up actions simply by reducing processor usage, a process which should be more noticeable on lower-powered machines and devices.

Internet Explorer officially was retired earlier this year following its 27 years of service as the company looked to create a more vibrant and reliable selection of software offerings.


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