Xbox Game Pass Adds Yet another Overlooked RPG Title

Xbox game pass adds yet another overlooked RPG title this very month.

Xbox Game Pass Adds Yet another Overlooked RPG Title

Xbox Game Pass Adds Yet another Overlooked RPG Title

Microsoft has just revealed the next line of games that will be coming to Xbox game pass and this is including a stellar RPG title that probably may have passed under your radar. The gaming title that will be leading Xbox game pass line up this month is Expeditions: Rome. This very game is a part historical drama, part turn-based tactics, and part character-driven RPG.

The game places players in the role of a Roman general. Players will be leading armies of legionaries across Gaul and Greece just before going into patrician villas to go through the political quarrels of the senate. As at when it was released earlier this year, the game did not receive a lot of accolade, but due to the ambition of the game, it is just enough reason for you to check it out.

Other Titles to Be Announced By Microsoft

Another title to be announced by Microsoft is Ghost Recon Wildlands. This very title will be thing the subscription service soon.  This title is the latest project from Ubisoft to come to game pas following other titles such as Watch Dogs 2 and assassins Creed origins. This military simulator will put you directly in a huge open world that is overrun by a fictional drug cartel. And although it is not one of the best co-op games there is, you can play it with up to three of your friends.

Another very much anticipated university management Sim Two Point campus will release on game pass for its launch day. This is the sequel to Two Point Hospital.

Also making its way to Game Pass platform is the Xbox Game Pass wildly named Turbo Golf Racing, which is a quirky multiplayer racer that looks just like a mash-up of Rocket League and golf. Cooking Simulator, Martian RTS Offworld Trading Company, and circuit board puzzler Shenzhen I/O are also some titles that will be coming to the subscription platform.

Confirmed Dates the Games Will Be Hitting Game Pass

Below are the dates that all of these games will be coming to the game pass platform;

  • Shenzen I/O (PC) – august 4
  • Turbo golf racing (Cloud, Xbox Series X|S, and PC) – august 4
  • Two point campus (cloud, PC and console) – august 9
  • Cooking simulator (cloud, console and PC) – august 11
  • Expeditions: Rome (PC) – august 11
  • Offworld trading company (PC) – august 11

And as always when it happens like this, a few games and titles will be making their way out of the platform.


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