Swap Your Face with Someone Else’s in a Video

Learn how to swap your face on someone else’s video online using AI technology. Follow our step-by-step guide to create hilarious and realistic face swap videos.

Swap Your Face with Someone Else's in a Video
Swap Your Face with Someone Else’s in a Video

How to Swap Your Face on Someone Else Video Online

Videos are essential for your success in the social media world. Engaging material can help you attract a large audience worldwide. You might create compelling material in several ways. One of them is the facial swapping in your videos.

It originally became popular on Snapchat, a platform that lets users shoot videos with other people’s faces or emojis. Many video editors can aid with face swapping in video. If you’re wondering how to do a face swap in your video online, you’ve come to the perfect spot.

In this article, we will discuss how to swap your face on someone else video online.

How to Face Swap in Videos Online with FaceMod

FaceMod is the go-to AI picture and video face-swapping online tool. It can effortlessly swap faces in images and videos with the press of a button. Whether you want to see yourself as a youngster, relive your favorite movie moments, or simply have fun with friends, FaceMod has 1000+ picture video templates to match your needs for 90’s or 70’s AI Yearbook photo trends.

FaceMod also provides an AI Enhancer to help you improve the overall look of your creations. This sophisticated application automatically improves your images and videos, highlighting the finest in each frame.

Key Features of FaceMod

Below are some key features of FaceMod AI face swap in video tool:

  • AI Generation:
    With FaceMod’s strong AI generation technology, you can easily produce your desired content, including AI portraits, visual effects, and more.
  • Video Face Swapping:
    You can explore the pleasure of face-swapping in video online watermark-free videos and templates. Select from various settings, such as weddings, movies, and sports, to experience the wonder of face-swapping.
  • 1,000+ Templates:
    Explore a large assortment of templates to meet all of your creative requirements. With a single click, you can change the faces in any image, resulting in limitless possibilities and fascinating ways to bring your ideas to life.
  • AI Editing Lab:
    Explore FaceMod’s AI-powered editing tools, customized to your needs, with AI Editing Lab. FaceMod provides the resources you need to realize your ideas, whether working at your desk or producing content while on the move.
  • Social Media Integration:
    You can easily share what you create on social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter right from the FaceMod interface.

Steps to Face Swap in Videos Online with FaceMod

Follow the below steps to face swap in videos online with FaceMod:

  • Step 1: Visit the Official Website:
    First, visit FaceMod’s official website and choose the “Face Swap” tab from the homepage toolbar.
Image name face swap video online
Image name face swap video online
  • Step 2: Add Your Video Content:
    You can drag and drop the media straight into the online tool’s interface, or you can click the “Upload” option to add the appropriate video. After seeing a preview of your video, you must click “Next” in order for the AI analysis to begin.
adding video
adding video
  • Step 3: Use the Face Swapping Technique:
    After that, by clicking the little “Choose your own face” icon, you can upload the picture of the face you wish to replace in the video. Additionally, you have the option to swap faces using the FaceMod pre-designed samples that can be found in the “Samples” section. To begin face swapping in the following window, use the “Swap” button.
swapping face
swapping face
  • Step 4: Save the Entire Video:
    You will get a preview of your output video in the following window. To save your finished video to your computer, click the “Download” option at the bottom.
exporting video
exporting video

Part 2: Use Face-off Effect on Filmora

It’s really common to swap faces in videos or genders on social media platforms like Snapchat. Thanks to the Face-Off tool incorporated into the Wondershare Filmora program, you have plenty of freedom to add dynamic Face Replacement edits to your YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok videos.

You can also swap someone’s face in a video in addition to swapping faces when videoing on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Steps For Using Face-Off Effect

Here is a step-by-step method of how you can use the face-off effect in your video with Filmora.

Step 1: Upload Your Video:

You have two options for importing files: drag and drop the desired clips straight into the media library window, or click “Import” to browse and load the files from your computer. There’s no need to worry about incompatibilities with this program because it supports nearly every video format available.

filmora face off
filmora face off

Step 2: Apply Face-off Effect:

To apply face replacement, pick the Effects tab, highlight the video clip you want to apply face-off to on the timeline, and then click Utility. From there, you can choose from a variety of utility effects, including face-off, tilt-shift, mosaic, and auto-enhancement.

To the track above the video, drag and drop the Face-Off effect. To change the length of the face-off effect, drag its edge in the timeline. When you double-click the face-off effect in the timeline, a setup box will open. There, you can from a variety of amusing face markers, including mosaic ones.

Choose the face that best suits your needs, and Filmora will overlay it on the heads it detects right away. Play it now and see the different faces. This software will automatically detect motion and match the faces to it precisely.

applying face off effect
applying face off effect

Step 3: Save Changes:

Finally, click Export to save the video with the swapped face. In the pop-up output box, you have many options for saving it. The “Local” menu allows you to select popular formats such as WMV, MOV, AVI, MKV, MPEG, MP4, and so on.

This face replacer also allows you to submit your masterpiece directly to YouTube to share with friends and family, as well as burn it on DVD.

saving video
saving video

If you wish to swap the face in Filmora with your own photographs, use the motion tracking tool to save time. This function allows you to swap faces in videos with your desired image or video.

Is it Possible to Swap Faces in Famous Movies?

Yes, it is possible to swap faces in well-known videos utilizing deepfakes or face swapping driven by artificial intelligence. Face swapping is now more widely available to everyone, regardless of technological proficiency thanks to AI.

This technique makes it easier to match skin tones, lighting, and emotions by analyzing face traits in both the source and target photographs. FaceMod’s incredible face swap in videos ability allows you to do face swapping in movies as well.

As an illustration: Grand Moff Tarkin was brought back by face swapping in Rouge One: A Star Wars Story, while Samuel L. Jackson and Michael Douglas were given youthful looks by Captain Marvel thanks to de-aging technology. In The Book of Boba Fett, Mark Hamill’s younger self was digitally superimposed onto an actor portraying Luke Skywalker.


In summary, the practice of face-swapping in videos has gained popularity on social media, and thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), making realistic and humorous face-swap videos is now simpler than ever.

FaceMod is an online tool that lets you replace someone else’s face in a video with your own. You may easily produce captivating content that will draw in a sizable global audience with a few clicks.



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