Zambia Is Set To Build 60 4G Mobile Towers to Help Improve Internet Connectivity in Rural Areas

Zambia is set to build 60 4G mobile towers to help improve internet connectivity in rural areas. During the commissioning of a 4G network tower installed by MTN Zamia, Felix Mutati, the minister of technology and science emphasized the commitment of the government to prioritizing rural connectivity in the country in a bid to provide equal access to opportunities for all Zambians in the year 2024.

Zambia Is Set To Build 60 4G Mobile Towers

Zambia Is Set To Build 60 4G Mobile Towers

In Zambia, a country with a population exceeding 20 million, the Internet penetration rate stands at 21.2%, accounting for approximately 4.3 million Internet users. The government has announced plans to significantly enhance connectivity across the nation, focusing on the northwest province with the construction of 19 new towers to improve access to voice and data networks. Additionally, there will be an effort to upgrade existing 2G connections to the more advanced 4G technology.

The Minister emphasized the importance of collaborations with the private sector in achieving Zambia’s digital transformation goals, highlighting a partnership with MTN Zambia. This collaboration will see MTN Zambia upgrading 50 of its network towers from 2G and 3G to 4G, reflecting a significant investment in the country’s telecommunications infrastructure.

The Mushindamo District and How It Affects This Whole Operation

Particular attention is being given to the Mushindamo district, identified as the area with the lowest mobile network connectivity in the northwest province. The government’s plans include extending development efforts beyond this district to enhance connectivity throughout the region, underlining a comprehensive strategy to bridge the digital divide and foster economic growth through improved digital access.

MTN Zambia, under the leadership of CEO Abbad Reda, has significantly contributed to enhancing telecommunications infrastructure across rural areas by deploying 110 sites and upgrading 18 universal sites from 2G to 3G technology. This initiative demonstrates MTN Zambia’s commitment to improving connectivity and access to telecommunications services in underserved regions.

MTN Zambia Launched Its 5G Service in November 2022

In a landmark achievement, MTN Zambia launched its 5G service in November 2022, marking the company as the first telecommunications operator in the country to offer commercial 5G services. This development represents a significant milestone in Zambia’s journey towards embracing advanced digital technologies.

Zambian Government’s Commitment to Digital Transformation

The Zambian government has also shown a strong commitment to digital transformation through various initiatives. Recently, it announced the establishment of Community Digital Transformation Centres aimed at bolstering the digital ecosystem and providing citizens with free internet access, underscoring efforts to bridge the digital divide and foster inclusive digital participation.

Zambian’s Government Plans to Distribute Starlink Kits to Members of Zambia’s Parliament for Use

Additionally, in December 2023, the government revealed plans to distribute Starlink kits to members of Zambia’s parliament for use in their constituencies, with the government covering the cost for the first year. This move is part of a broader strategy to leverage satellite technology to improve internet access and connectivity in remote and rural areas, further advancing Zambia’s digital transformation agenda.



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