Cameroon Calls for Network Audit Amid the Internet Outages

In response to recent internet outages affecting Cameroon and several African countries due to undersea cable damage, Cameroon calls for a network audit amid the internet outages. Cameroon has initiated a comprehensive audit of mobile operators’ networks.

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Cameroon Calls for Network Audit Amid the Internet Outages

The audit will commence with optic fibre examination and progress to radio networks, aiming to bolster network resilience and ensure uninterrupted connectivity for consumers. The internet disruptions, stemming from undersea cable breakages off the Ivory Coast, have highlighted vulnerabilities in Africa’s digital infrastructure.

Southern, Eastern, and West African countries experienced significant outages, prompting Cameroon’s Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Minette Libom Li Likeng, to call for immediate action.

“Minister Likeng has instructed the Telecoms Regulatory Board to lead the investigation and implement necessary measures to restore full connection.”

“She emphasized the government’s commitment to safeguarding consumers of electronic communications services and announced that any unused data credit resulting from the outage would be refunded to customers.”

Efforts to restore connectivity have involved diverting internet data traffic through the South Atlantic Inter Link (SAIL) submarine cable system, which spans over 6,000 kilometers and connects Cameroon and Brazil.

Unanimous Agreement to Diversify International Access Routes

Despite this interim solution, Minister Likeng stressed the importance of reinforcing network infrastructure to prevent future disruptions.

In a bid to enhance network redundancy and resilience, Minister Likeng convened an emergency meeting with major telecom providers in Yaounde. Participants, including Camtel, MTN Cameroon, and Orange Cameroun, unanimously agreed to diversify their international access routes and integrate satellite redundancy channels into their networks.

This proactive approach aims to mitigate the impact of potential future incidents and ensure continuous service delivery to consumers.

As Cameroon endeavors to recover from the recent internet outages, collaboration between government authorities and telecom operators remains pivotal.

Cameroon’s Digital Future Focus

Prioritizing network reliability and resilience, Cameroon seeks to bolster its digital infrastructure and minimize the impact of unforeseen disruptions on its citizens and businesses.

The audit of mobile operators’ networks in Cameroon marks a proactive step towards enhancing digital resilience and ensuring uninterrupted internet access for consumers.

Strengthening network infrastructure is crucial to safeguard Cameroon’s digital future following recent internet outages.



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