Uganda Reportedly Halts Its Digital Plate Project Launch

Uganda reportedly halts its digital plate project launch indefinitely. What this move means for the country is not yet known and when they will resume is still up in the air. Continue reading to learn more about this development as it breaks.

Uganda Digital Plate Project Launch

Uganda Digital Plate Project Launch

The Ministry of Works and Transport in Uganda has decided to extend the deadline for its digital number plate project by four months. The aim is to ensure that all vehicle owners are adequately informed and prepared for the transition.

Originally scheduled to commence operations on February 1, 2024, following a November 2023 launch, the project faced some challenges along the way. President Yoweri Museveni’s proposal in 2021 to use vehicles and motorcycles for enhanced security contributed to the initiative.

However, logistical issues and delays in public awareness efforts have prompted the government to postpone the project until July 2024.

How Uganda Enlisted a Russian Company to Handle the Implementation of Digital Plates

Uganda had enlisted a Russian company to handle the implementation of digital plates. However, with the ongoing sanctions against Russia, this has created complications for the project.

Under the new system, new vehicle and motorcycle owners will be required to pay Shs714,000 for digital plates. Additionally, existing plate holders can opt to swap their plates, with a cost of Shs150,000 for cars and Shs50,000 for motorcycles.

Parliament Has Raised Concerns about the Project

Parliament has raised concerns about the project, with the Kampala City Traders Association (Kacita) requesting an investigation into various issues. These include the lack of installation centers, the absence of a local factory for plate manufacturing, and the necessity for a comprehensive nationwide awareness campaign.

The Installation of Digital Plates in Kampala and Kawempe

In November 2023, the government initiated the installation of digital plates on its vehicles in Kampala and Kawempe. Kawempe is a suburb of Kampala where the contractors have established their operations.

As a point of reference, in August 2022, the Kenyan government introduced new digital plates for all vehicles in its jurisdiction.



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