Microsoft Soon Enough Expects Full Cable Break Mitigation for Africa

Microsoft soon enough expects full cable break mitigation for Africa. Microsoft services aim to be fully operational again as the corporation attempts to contain the problem.

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Microsoft Soon Enough Expects Full Cable Break Mitigation for Africa

As the business strives to improve the situation, Microsoft services which were badly disrupted on Thursday by outages to four undersea cable systems in West Africa should be fully operational by 4 p.m. or 8 p.m. SAST on Friday.

Four undersea cable breaks, which are thought to be off the coast of Abidjan, the capital of the Ivory Coast in West Africa, caused major internet outages throughout the region, including South Africa, according to a TechCentral article on Thursday.

The Wacs, Ace, MainOne, and Sat-3 systems are among the many Microsoft services that were severely impacted by the cable outages.

As a result, many businesses were unable to access email systems or other cloud-based services, including the Teams video conferencing tool, for several hours on Thursday.  Additionally, some cloud-based firm websites were also down for hours at a time.

Azure Services Affected by the Internet Outage

Microsoft noted in a Friday morning status report that “the overall network health for the region has been steadily improving.” Numerous Azure services that were previously impacted by this problem are now operating at their regular levels.

Validation for any remaining services is currently ongoing. Nonetheless, users of these would already experience a significant improvement.

Google’s Equiano cable, which went into commercial business last year, has not been impacted by the outages, according to Seacom, which runs a cable system along the east coast of Africa and purchases capacity on cable systems on the western side of the continent.

This is encouraging news since it allows traffic that was previously carried on the impacted cables to be rerouted to Europe using the system.

SACS Cable Between Angola and Brazil Offers Onward Routes

While the outage in West Africa is being addressed, a process that may take weeks depending on the cause, telecommunications and internet service providers have another option.

The recently constructed SACS cable between Angola and Brazil offers onward routes to the US.

“While the cause of the reported cable breaks off the Ivory Coast of West Africa has not yet been confirmed, Angola Cables is ensuring that the impact on Angola and other African countries,” said an Angola Cable spokesman in a statement.



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