Kenya Investigating 1000 Entities for Data Privacy Violations

Kenya’s data protection commissioner, Immaculate Kassait, has launched an investigation into over 1,000 organizations for potential privacy infractions.

Kenya Investigating 1000 Entities for Data Privacy Violations
Kenya Investigating 1000 Entities for Data Privacy Violations

Kenya Investigating 1000 Entities for Data Privacy Violations

Kassait declared a significant investigation into several organizations which comprise online lenders, medical facilities, telecommunications firms, and academic institutions for possible privacy law infractions.

Depending on how serious the violation was, these businesses might be hit with fines of up to $37,000 (KES5 million) or 1% of their annual income, according to the Fintech Association of Kenya.

The group claims that the investigation is centered on common problems such as the unauthorized use of images and the abuse of creditor data by digital lending platforms.

Mulla Pride Ltd and Roma School Violations

The association adds, “Recent penalties, such as the fines levied against Mulla Pride Ltd and Roma School for their violations, underline the seriousness with which the Data Protection Act of 2019 is being enforced. This act underscores the importance of obtaining consent before using personal information, especially in commercial activities.”

In the meantime, Kassait took part in a panel discussion yesterday night on consumers and artificial intelligence (AI) in advance of World Consumer Rights Day (15 March), which was organized by Citizen TV.

She raised the following concerns throughout the discussion: “When it comes to AI, some of the concerns that a consumer would have is that many times, AI uses personal information to train.”

The customer is frequently unaware that their information will be used for new purposes. It’s critical to tell customers about how and why their information will be used.



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