Balatro is Reportedly Coming to Android and iPhone

Balatro, the smash hit game is reportedly coming to Android and iPhone. The solo developer in a Reddit AMA confirmed the news. Continue reading to learn more about this development.

Balatro is coming to Android and iPhone

Balatro is coming to Android and iPhone

Balatro, the addictive magic roguelike poker game, that has already achieved remarkable success, is now expanding its reach to iPhone and Android platforms. Developed by the anonymous solo developer known as LocalThunk and published by Playstack Games, the game has garnered significant attention since its initial release.

Originally launched for consoles and Windows PCs, Balatro faced temporary bans from certain storefronts due to a rating mistake. However, it has since made a triumphant return, and a MacOS port is now available for players who purchase the game on Steam.

Balatro’s Development Journey

In a recent verified Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, LocalThunk, and Playstack Games shared insights into Balatro’s development journey. They discussed various aspects, including the game’s influences, such as Luck Be a Landlord, and their deliberate decision to avoid playing similar titles like Slay the Spire during early development to maintain originality.

Plans for Future Updates

Furthermore, LocalThunk revealed plans for future updates, which may include balance adjustments and the potential addition of new gameplay elements. Playstack Games is also exploring merchandise options, including the possibility of releasing physical decks of Balatro cards.

Release Date

While no release date has been announced for the iPhone and Android ports, fans eagerly await their arrival. However, potential players should exercise caution, as there is already a similarly named app on the App Store that is unrelated to the official Balatro game.

As Balatro continues to captivate players worldwide, its expansion to mobile platforms is sure to attract even more fans eager to experience its unique blend of magic, poker, and roguelike gameplay.



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