African Christmas Tradition – African Countries that Celebrate Christmas

Most African countries around the world have different ways of celebrating Christmas. African Christmas traditions have made a lot of people share information about their traditions and a lot of people find it so interesting.

African Christmas Tradition

Moreover, the Christmas holiday is a season of celebration and people are determined to make positive use of this holiday. If you have not met with your family for a long time, it is necessary for you to locate your family.

There are a lot of people who have been in Western countries for a long time, but during Christmas, they always visit their family to enjoy the season.

Furthermore, people commemorated the birth of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem and the Christian world. Every country in the world has its way of celebrating Christmas and many West African countries and Southern countries do observe this holiday.

With further explanation, there are different ceremony that is done during the Christmas season which includes different music concert.

Some African countries celebrate different festivals and they make it a frequent occurrence yearly. Moreover, if you want to have a great discovery of African Christmas traditions, you have to read this article properly.

African Christmas Tradition

If you want to spend time in any African country, you need to know some of the African Christmas Traditions. However, there are lots of disagreements about the actual date of the birth of our Christ Jesus.

The earliest signs of Christianity are from Egypt in the first century Anno Domini (AD) and Christianity has spread all over African countries.

Moreover, several countries in Africa have their festive celebrations and they always make a Santa Claus for Christmas celebrations. African Christians do not joke with this season because Christmas is seen as the time Christ Jesus is born.

Most times, people host a dinner night with their friends and other family members who have been far away from home. Africans have their traditions and with this, there are different type of delicacies that is prepared. Moreover, Africans prefer cooking their favorite food is liked by the majority of people in society.

African Countries that Celebrate Christmas

There are different religious that is in Africa and they have their way of doing things. The truth is that some African countries do not celebrate Christmas due to the high population of people who are engaging and believe in other religions than Christianity.

However, some African countries follow the older Julian calendar and they celebrate Christmas day on January 7th.

This article will disclose African Countries that celebrate Christmas day and they are as follow. Nigeria, South Africa, Cameroun, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Gambia, Ethiopia, Liberia, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Anglophone, Sierra Leone, and others.

Christmas in African Countries

Every country in Africa has different patterns of how celebrating Christmas in their perceptive country.

This content will disclose 3 African Countries with their way of celebrating Christmas.

Christmas Tradition in Nigeria

In Nigeria, Christmas day is known as the day when Jesus is born into humanity. However, Christmas Santa Claus is commonly called Father Christmas and every Christian Children would love to visit Santa Claus.

If you have ever been to Nigeria, you will find out that they are good at giving food out to people and mostly, the food they cooked.

In Nigeria, rice is a compulsory food that 90 percent of those celebrating Christmas will always prepare. Moreover, buying clothes for children is one of the major traditions of Christians during the Christmas period.

Christians go to church on the day of Christmas in the morning and every family sees it as a happy time. Moreover, cities in Nigeria are decorated with beautiful sparkling lights and there are designs and glittering lights on Christmas trees.

Citizens of these countries do not play with this season of time because they use Christmas to share love and to have a good time with their families.

Furthermore, in Nigeria all day knock out occurs frequently and is very common around the state. Fireworks make the Christmas season and also the eve of Christmas day interesting and people also make it a time for reminding the citizen of Christmas.

Moreover, if you decide to move around the country, you observed how people prepare for musical concerts. Christmas Caro is done in so many churches and through this gathering, they share gifts among themselves and those around them.

Christmas Tradition in South Africa

In South Africa, Christmas is done in the summer season and there are lots of beautiful trees, and flowers that are blossoming. Moreover, during the Christmas period schools are closed and most people use it as a time to hang out with Friends and Family.

If you are a citizen of South Africa and you are outside the country, this is the season for you to have a good time with your family. Even at this time families are always expecting some of their relations to have a good time with them.

Furthermore, in South Africa, many families go out and spend more time in a camping environment in a big tent. While others go out to get popular traditional dishes and which include turkey, roasted beef, duck, mince, and others.

In South Africa, Churches and other organizations host a Christmas Caro day, for them to sing unto the Son of the living God.

Christmas Tradition in Kenya

Christmas day in Kenya is a beautiful time and during this season all schools and some offices give shut down their activities. Moreover, Kenyan citizens that are in other countries, travel down to Kenya to have a good Christmas celebration.

They have beautiful Christmas traditions whereby they prepare different delicacies that they do share with their friend and family.

Furthermore, on Christmas eve, Kenyan churches plan on Christmas Caro where they sing hymns and other composed Christmas songs. And at times they use Christmas eve for night vigil to celebrate the birth of Christ our Savior.

One of the most popular Kenyan foods is nyama choma which is like barbecue. Other foods you can prepare are rice and chapati with meat, chicken, beef, goat, or another type of protein.

Churches, homes, and cities in Kenya are well decorated with glittering light and also beautiful sparkling trees.

Frequent Christmas Traditions in Africa

African countries have similar traditions regarding what they do during Christmas Season. Below are the frequent things that happen during Christmas in those African Christian societies.

  • Attending Christmas services in Church
  • Sharing of Gifts
  • Christmas trees decorations
  • Dinner
  • Music Concert
  • Camping together
  • Christmas carol of hymns and praises

Frequently Asked Questions

These are frequent questions asked by users that are online who want to know more about African Christmas Traditions.

What do Africans eat on Christmas?

  • Fried rice
  • Nyama Choma
  • Jollof Rice
  • Bamia
  • Malva Pudding or Lekker Pudding

What is Santa Claus called in South Africa?

In Africa and the Middle East Santa Claus is known as Papa Noel and in South Africa is also known as Sinterklaas, Santa Claus, and Father Christmas.

What is a Typical African Dinner?

African have different types of traditional food and they contain meat, starch, fish, crabs, crayfish, palm oil, and other spices. Common foodstuffs include garri, fufu, couscous, and kenkey and it is served with soup or stew.

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