Huawei Rollout Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 Solar Solution in South Africa

Huawei, a leading global digital power and product solution vendor, just rolled out its innovative Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0 solar solution in South Africa.

Huawei Rollout Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 Solar Solution in South Africa
Huawei Rollout Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 Solar Solution in South Africa

Designed to address the country’s energy needs, the product is suitable for various applications, including residential, small, medium, and micro-enterprises, as well as businesses.

Huawei Rollout Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 Solar Solution in South Africa

The Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 solution offers different configurations, including a 10 kW system with 5 kWh battery capacity per module, expandable to 30 kWh.

This advancement represents a significant step in enhancing energy storage systems in South Africa, particularly in light of the nation’s frequent power outages and unstable electricity supply.

Given the critical role of solar PV and energy storage systems in providing alternative power sources and balancing the power grid, safety remains a paramount concern. The Luna 2.0 system addresses safety concerns by incorporating intelligent features and design elements.

Notably, it features an elegant and sleek design without LCD screens or buttons, minimizing vulnerability and maintenance requirements. Furthermore, the solution boasts an intelligent monitoring and management system, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal return on investment.

Intelligent Energy Storage Capability

Its intelligent energy storage capability allows for independent charging and discharging of each module, providing extended backup time and maximizing efficiency.

Safety is prioritized with various features, including rapid shutdown of roof voltage in emergencies and compliance with international safety standards like NEC 2017.

Additionally, the system incorporates cell-level protection, structural integrity, and active and emergency protection mechanisms, including an intelligent fire suppression kit for each battery.

10-Years Full Replacement Warranty

With durability in mind, the Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 solution is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it suitable for South Africa’s diverse geographic landscape.

Customers benefit from a 10-year full replacement warranty, ensuring peace of mind and long-term reliability.

The Fusionsolar Luna 2.0 solution is now available to dealers, trade partners, and installers, offering a comprehensive and safe solution to South Africa’s energy challenges.



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