Nvidia RTX 4090 Scams Keep Coming Up Online

Nvidia RTX 4090 scams keep coming up online and the latest one of the bunch is a shameless ‘FrankenGPU’ rip-off purchased on Amazon. Shoppers and buyers have been warned of part two of these scams.

Nvidia RTX 4090 Scams

Nvidia RTX 4090 Scams

Scammers targeting PC gamers with counterfeit RTX 4090 graphics cards have become increasingly common. In a recent incident in January 2024, a surge in such scams was noted, with the latest case unfolding in the US.

According to a report by Tom’s Hardware, North West Repair (NWR), a hardware repair expert on YouTube, exposed one such scam through a video. The victim had acquired the purported RTX 4090 through an Amazon purchase, specifically from a pallet deal sourced from Amazon Returns. This indicated that the GPU had been returned by a previous buyer. Upon receiving the graphics card, the buyer discovered it was malfunctioning and sought assistance from NWR for repairs.

The So-Called RTX 4090 Was, In Reality, an Elaborate Scam

However, upon closer inspection, NWR identified that the so-called RTX 4090 was, in reality, an elaborate scam. Contrary to its labeling, the graphics card housed an RTX 4080 board and chip, the latter appearing visibly damaged. Further examination revealed additional flaws, including faulty components and the absence of necessary memory cooling pads.

In essence, the purchased item was not a genuine graphics card but rather a haphazard assembly of defective components, resembling a ‘FrankenGPU.’ Importantly, it was not based on an RTX 4090 but instead utilized the chip from an RTX 4080.

This Incident Underscores the Growing Sophistication of Scammers in the Gaming Hardware Market

This incident underscores the growing sophistication of scammers in the gaming hardware market, as they resort to deceptive practices even within the reputable platform of Amazon. PC gamers are urged to exercise caution and thoroughly inspect their purchases, especially when dealing with items sourced from returns or discounted pallet deals. As the frequency of such scams appears to be on the rise, staying vigilant is crucial to avoid falling victim to counterfeit graphics card schemes.



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