Nvidia GPUs Could Soon Be Facing Stock Shortages

Nvidia GPUs could soon be facing stock shortages. Does this mean that we are staring down t price hikes for GeForce graphics cards? This is definitely bad news for the rumor mill, but the question is does it make any sense?

Nvidia GPUs Stock Shortages

Nvidia GPUs Stock Shortages

The graphics card of Nvidia very soon could be experiencing a shorter and leaner stock level. If it is that a new rumor making the rounds is right, which is one prospect that brings with it the said fear of GPU price hikes, and though hopefully not to the point that we have seen in the past.

Wccfteech reportedly flagged up a report from MyDrivers, a tech site which in question claims that the industry sources located in Taiwan are stating that the GeForce gaming GPUs of Nvidia are beginning to experience lower supply levels as of the fourth quarter of 2023.

What You Should Take Of This Development

You however should be very cautious regarding that very report, of course, as just with any rumor out there, and we are not told which of the models of Nvidia graphics cards are affected in particular, although it sounds very much like this is more or less across the boards for models that are of a consumer nature.

What This New Rumor Means

This new development is talking about the Asian market as the most likely worst hit and affected region, but the report however mentions stock shortages in both the US and Europe, too, places where Nvidia GPUs could just become very hard to find.

The expectation as per MyDrivers is that said supply of Nvidia boards could just be “very limited” in the nearest future, more worryingly, and there is also a mention of price spikes for at least some of the products being possible.



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