Tesla Lowers the Range Estimations of Its Y, S, and X Models Following Exaggeration Complaints

Tesla lowers the range estimations of its Y, S, and X models following exaggeration complaints. Many popular models are at the moment showing lower range estimates in the United States. The move in question is coming just after the DOJ opened a probe into inflated claims, but Tesla on the other hand does not give a reason.

Tesla Lowers the Range Estimations of Its Models

Tesla Lowers the Range Estimations of Its Models

Automaking Company Tesla has reportedly lowered estimates across a couple of Model X, Y, and S vehicles in the US, thus cutting down on the figure on some trims by up to six percent. And just as reported by Electrek, the online configurator of Tesla now shows an estimated range of 285 miles for the performance rim of the Model Y and down to 8 miles from its previous 303-mile estimate.

The Mode Y long range in question is now down to 310 miles from the 330 while the plaid of the Model X has now dropped from 333 miles to 326. Estimates for the Model S Plaid have also been updated and more specifically, the configuration with 19-inch wheels which has now fallen from 396 miles to 359. These new changes in question however have not been made to the UK and EU listings of Tesla, and ranges across other cars such as the Cybertruck, Model 3, and the Model Y rear-wheel drive still remain unaffected.

Tesla’s Reaction to the News of Its Lowered Range Estimation

Tesla has not yet offered an explanation in regards to the lowered range estimations. Drive Tesla however reports that the said changes are related to two things only after reportedly reviewing internal documents of the company. First of the things are “comfort and functionality improvements” that are made by Tesla that require more energy, and the second in question is the implementation of revised EPA testing requirements that result in a “higher consumption and a slight decrease in overall range.”

Tesla’s Reputation for Over-Estimating Its Range Figures

Tesla for many years now has earned a reputation for over-estimating its range figures, with the EPA in question claiming that Elon Musk reportedly exaggerated the 400-mile range for the Model S Long Range of Tesla back in the year 2020. The DOJ back in last October reportedly opened a probe into the estimated mileage of Tesla following reports that several of its figures were inflated intentionally.



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