ChallengeUS Future Leaders Competition 2024

The ChallengeUS Future Leaders Competition is a forward-thinking platform that aims to celebrate the abilities and talents of young visionaries worldwide. It endeavors to nurture critical thinking and foster creativity among the next generation of leaders.

ChallengeUS Future Leaders Competition 2024
ChallengeUS Future Leaders Competition 2024

This competition provides participants with various opportunities to showcase their perspectives and ideas through speech or writing, encouraging them to push the boundaries of conventional thinking.

Participants are encouraged to think outside the box and approach global issues, inventive solutions, and emerging trends with creative thinking. By offering a platform for young minds to express their ideas and collaborate with peers from diverse backgrounds, the competition aspires to inspire and empower the leaders of tomorrow in creating a brighter, more innovative, pioneering, and sustainable future.

Competition Prompt: Spring 2024

In your view, what is the significance of young people in a functioning society, as demonstrated by their involvement in youth-led initiatives, advocacy, and grassroots efforts?


  • Recognition and Prizes: The competition will acknowledge First, Second, and Third-Place winners in addition to awarding Honorable Mentions.
  • Monetary Prize: The first-place winners in each submission category will receive a cash prize of $250.
  • Certificate of Achievement and Publication: First, Second and Third-Place winners will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement. And their submissions will be published by ChallengeUS.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility: Students from any country who are currently enrolled in an accredited high school or college/university can participate in the competition.
  • Gap Year/Semester Students: Students who are currently taking academic gap years or semesters are also eligible to participate. Language Requirement: All submissions for both speech and writing categories must be in English.
  • Prohibited Practices: The use of AI or plagiarism is strictly prohibited. Any participant found engaging in these practices will be automatically disqualified from the competition.

Competition Requirements

Writing Specific

  • Word Limit: The maximum word count for writing submissions is 1250 words.
  • Format Requirements: Writing submissions should be in PDF format using a readable font size (11 or 12 pt.) and a professional font style such as Times New Roman or Arial.
  • Incorporating Research: If research is included, participants can use any citation style such as MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.

Speech Specific

  • Speech Limit: The maximum duration for speech submissions is 10 minutes.
  • Format Requirements: Speech submissions should be in MP4 format.
  • Delivery and Quality: Participants should speak directly to the camera with high audio and video quality for their speech.
  • Visual Aids: While visual aids are allowed, the evaluation of the speech will primarily focus on the quality of the speech itself.

How To Apply

The organizers of the event are accepting submissions for two categories

  • Writing and speech: For the writing category, participants are invited to submit an original piece of writing in response to their prompt. The organizers encourage all forms of writing, including personal narratives, analytical essays, research papers, prose, stories, poems, and more. They are looking for strong entries that demonstrate a high level of thoughtfulness and interesting insights or perspectives communicated through skillful writing.
  • Speech Submission: Participants are asked to submit a video showcasing their public speaking skills. The organizers welcome any topic, and they want to hear what each participant has to say. Strong entries are those that respond to the prompt with thoughtfulness, present interesting insights or perspectives, and showcase skilful public speaking.

To submit your writing, click here   

To submit your speech, click here 

Visit the official website of ChallengeUS Future Leaders Competition for more information.

Application Deadline

June 9, 2024.



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