PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Brings Tesla – PUBG Mobile Model Y SUV Feature

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Brings Tesla. Tencent Games happens to have pushed out the update version 1.5 for its hit mobile game PUBG Mobile, offering players varieties of amazing new content. Not the least of which is a much bigger Tesla collaboration.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Brings Tesla

Right under this partnership, PUBG Mobile is now the home of a new Tesla Gigafactory where players can not explore the players would not just explore the virtual version of the facility but would also produce their very own Model Y vehicle.

PUBG Mobile 1.5 Update Brings Tesla

PUBG Mobile 1.5 represents a huge update for the title, which is a game for mobile based on the PC title Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. The most notable aspect of the update is the collaboration with Tesla, which includes a Gigafactory to Erangel, the game’s most popular map. This remains a very functional factory, as stated by the company, one that you get to access in the mission ignition game mode.

PUBG Mobile Model Y SUV Feature

The Players can also activate all of the switches that are found right in the Gigafactory in other to trigger the vehicle assembly process. the result would be an in-game model Y SUV, that would further include the company’s autopilot mode that players get to turn on when they are driving on the map’s highways. The self-driving Vehicle would carry the players to the presets right along the road.

To add, mobile gamers also get to notice other autonomous Tesla vehicles right in random locations “along the road, in the wild,” as stated by Tencent. These randomly spawned vehicles would apparently drive themselves all through preset routes. The Tesla Semi would be one such vehicle, that the players get to damage in other to trigger a supply crate drop.

PUBG Mobile Version 1.5

Meanwhile, we would offer Erangel an overall tech-heavy update where half a dozen major regions would sprout out new lifts, buildings, moving platforms, and other similar things. Hyper lines would also enable players to rapidly move between cities that is on the island, assuming they take them the lines remain active. For other times, players would get to take the Air Conveyor system to move right through the sky.

PUBG Mobile version 1.5 would be made available to players now. You get to access the full patch note on the website of the game through this link.


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