Results from the First-Ever Reported Tesla Cybertruck Accident

Results from the first-ever reported Tesla Cybertruck accident. The whole thing actually resulted in a minor injury and nothing serious. It was reported on Thursday afternoon that a Toyota Corolla hit a Cybertruck in California.

First-Ever Reported Tesla Cybertruck Accident

First-Ever Reported Tesla Cybertruck Accident

After Boddhya, a Reddit user posted two pictures of a Cybertruck accident, the California Highway Patrol reportedly confirmed to The Verge that units responded to a two-vehicle accident on SR 35 (Skyline Boulevard). The incident took place in an area south of Page Mill Road, which Google Maps in question lists as Palo Alto, around 2:05 PM local time, and it reportedly involved a 2023 Tesla Cybertruck conveying three people that seems to have been hit by a 2009 Toyota Corolla that was driven by a 17-year-old.

Tesla’s Cybertruck Delivery Event

The delivery event of Tesla’s Cybertruck raised many questions about the design and what would happen in an impact with other cars or pedestrians. And fortunately, it doesn’t seem that anyone involved in this incident suffered a major injury as a result.

Injury Sustained During the Accident

The only injury that was noted in the release reportedly provided by CHP mentions a suspected minor injury to the driver of the Cybertruck, who in question declined medical transportation, and it also mentions that it does not look like the Tesla was operating in autonomous mode. The weather is however described as cloudy and wet.

Content of the Accident As Posted On YouTube

The pictures that were posted on Reddit show major damage to the front end of the Corolla. You can also get a look at the side of the driver as well as the front of the Corolla as a driver nears the accident in dashcam footage that was posted to YouTube. Although we still really cannot see the front of the Cybertruck, both sides of the vehicle as well as the rear however do not reveal the same amount of damage despite the side-curtain airbags being deployed.



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