Stock up on Official Apple Watch Bands with Up To 50% off Their Regular Prices

Stock up on official Apple Watch bands with up to 50% off their regular prices. Do you have an Apple Watch for Christmas? If this is true, then know that now is the time to load up on some really cozy and first-party Apple bands all the while also saving up to $50 in the process.

Stock Up On Official Apple Watch Bands

Stock Up On Official Apple Watch Bands

If you are one of the many people who found an Apple Watch under the tree this Christmas period, then know that the next thing you need to do purchase is a bunch of Apple Watch bands to customize it with.

The interchangeable bands as you should know are one of the best features of the Apple Watch, enabling you to change up the look and feel whenever it is that you wish. And right at this moment, you can get your hands on official Apple bands with as much as 50% off their regular prices at both Verizon and Amazon.

What to Find In This Sale

Owners of an Apple Watch Ultra can now get a 49mm Alpine Loop band on sale to seamlessly go with it at 50% off, thus dropping it down to just $50 at Verizon. These bands in question also work with 44mm and 45mm Apple Watch models, so you can make use of them with larger Series 9 devices as well as older models, too.

Do you prefer the sports band? Well, know that Verizon has select colors on retail from just $25, reportedly down from $49, and Amazon has now dropped prices as low as $21 on the special Black Unity as well as the Pride Edition bands.

Other Deals and Offers in This Sale

Are you in the market for an upgrade on the Apple Watch itself? If this is true, then you should be sure to check out our guide to the best Apple Watch deals for the best prices that are around.



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