Cybertruck’s Comically Big Windshield Wiper in Action

Cybertruck’s comically big windshield wiper was in action and we get a first look. It is no doubt that the blade of Telsa’s big robotic machine is huge, but the question here is, is it final?

Cybertruck’s Big Windshield Wiper

Cybertruck’s Big Windshield Wiper

A new drone video has now surfaced showing the ridiculously large windshield wiper of the Cybertruck in action. And do you know what was captured? It is quite functional and well, improved from the last time, but it however still does not get to a good part of the glass in the front of the passenger.

The Video Which Was Shot On Thursday by Brad Sloan

The video in question which was shot on Thursday by Brad Sloan right above Telsa’s Texas Gigafacory location shows the Cybertruck undergoing a wind tunnel test. And at the 13:42 mark, you can then see the single XL wiper blade of the truck start moving, with quite a nice reach across the majority of the windshield. And maybe it’s just the angle, but it, however, does seem like an improvement over prototypes that we have previously seen.

The Gigantic Windshield of the Cybertruck Was One of the Distinctive Features

The gigantic windshield of the Cybertruck was one of the distinctive features when it was unveiled back in 2019. But keeping it clean was a problem that required more work as the original prototype that was unveiled lacked a working wiper.

“The wiper is what troubles me most,” Musk in a response to comments about its size stated. “No easy solution. Deployable wiper that stows in the front trunk would be ideal, but complex.”

When Will Production Start

It is still not clear as to whether it will be the final design or not. But it must be really close now that production is near. Musk back in January said that the Cybertruck is expected to start production this very summer, on the slow ramp of mass production in the year 2024, which is three years later than the expected timeframe.



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