Spotify adds iOS 16 Support For Both Home And Lock Screen Widgets    

Spotify adds iOS 16 support for both home and lock screen widgets. The new feature in question in the Spotify app reportedly adds a one-tap type of shortcut for the lock screen of your iPhone. This shortcut will display recently played artists, albums, podcasts, or playlists.

Spotify iOS 16 Support

Spotify iOS 16 Support

The new version of Spotify now has support for iOS 16 widgets. With that, you can have a swift and fast way to get to your music from the lock screen or display of the iPhone or iPad album art of your recently played music straight on your home screen. Prior to this new version 8.8.26 update, the platform Spotify support for iOS system integrations was almost nonexistent except save for crucial bare-bones support for things such as Now Playing so iPhone listeners can have fast access to music controls.

Android Already Has This Feature

Spotify however is a bit late in the game to support iOS widgets in the home and lock screens. We have already mentioned the customizable iOS 16 lock screen as one of the greatest successes of Apple in the previous year. And just in case you are wondering, yes, you are right, Android had it before Apple, and competing music apps such as Tidal already supported the iOS widgets, and this is including big and small ones that can easily show your “daily discovery” and many more.

Spotify’s Relationship with Apple

Spotify has had a rocky relationship with Apple. The streaming platform once accused Apple of anti-competitive behavior and it is also winning an antitrust case in Europe over in-app payment charges by Apple. But Spotify on the other hand sometimes does play ball with Apple with support for CarPlay as well as an Apple Watch app so people can easily listen to music at the gym without accessing their iPhones.

Setting up The Feature

Setting up the new Spotify widget is something that is relatively easy and it can be done using the same steps needed to add pretty much any type of available widget. The feature even supports big and small widget options for the home screen.



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