Google Chat Is Set To Get a New Makeover

Google Chat is set to get a new makeover and looks to match with Sheets, Docs, and Gmail. The platforms will be getting a Material Design 3 overhaul which will be complete with rounded buttons as well as blue accents.

Google Chat New Makeover

Google Chat New Makeover

Google Chat is now set to get a new look that matches directly with the redesigned interfaces of Docs, Sheets, Slides, Google Drive, and Gmail. And just like the makeovers the company rolled out to its other Workspace apps, this very own is also based on the Material Design 3 system of Google.

And as shared online, you will get to notice small tweaks to the whole interface and this is including rounded buttons as well as a rounded search bar alongside some blue accent all through. There also have been some small changes to the main message view, new topic button, compose setup, and the threaded panel within spaces and direct messages.

Google Announced a New Chat Feature This Week

Google in the early parts of this week also announced a new chat feature that allows Space Managers to create channels that are meant for announcements only, similar to something you can do in Slack too. This however seems like a very handy medium to keep all of the members of a team on the same page such as having a dedicated announcements space that means that you will have to suffer going through a whole lot of conversations just to locate an important update.

When Will the New Design Rollout

That being said, the new design update does not come with any unpredictable changes, but when you get to notice that Google Chat looks a little bit different from what it looked before as the new design rolls out within the next couple of weeks, at least you will get to know the reason why.



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