Redesign of YouTube Music Finally Comes to the iPad

Redesign of YouTube music finally comes to the iPad. The long-overdue makeover of the platform brings an improved cover art display at last.

Redesign of YouTube Music Finally Comes to the iPad

Redesign of YouTube Music Finally Comes to the iPad

After two years the changes were first rolled across android devices, the iPad’s YouTube music app finally has had a major update. As shown by 9to5Google, a newer version of the app that has just been seen on the app store is coming with some very much-needed changes to the now playing screen.

The overhaul of the user interface basically brings about improvements on how the cover art is displayed with images on the platform cover art no longer going edge to edge all thanks to a new border.

How the New Design Works

When users now tap on the artwork, it simply brings up various options to share whatever it is that is playing, add the track to a playlist or download it for offline listening. Also, the thumbs up and down feature and buttons have been shifted next to the title and artists of the song. While the playback controls on the other hand now sit nicely just below the cover art.

However, this is not all good news. And although users can now swipe up or down in a bid t access the Up Next queue, for various reasons unknown, you still cannot swipe left and right in order to change tracks like you can with the android version of the same app.

Why Were the Changes Delayed On the iPad

Although it is still not clear as to why the changes have taken up a long time to arrive on the iPadOS version of the app, the iPhone app has over a year ago received an overhaul. That being said, the changes nevertheless will still be very much welcomed by users of the service on the Apple iPad.


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