YouTube Music Redesign Finally Comes to iPad

YouTube Music Redesign Finally Comes to iPad which is great. About two years ago, the changes were first rolled across Android devices, the YouTube Music iPad app has gotten a major update finally.

YouTube Music Redesign Finally Comes to iPad

Just as highlighted by 9to5Google, a new version of the app that just appeared on the app store is bringing about some much-needed changes to the Now Playing screen.

The UI overhaul primarily is bringing in an improvement to just how cover art is displayed, alongside no images no longer going edge-to-edge all thanks to a new border.

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YouTube Music Redesign Finally Comes to iPad

Tapping on the artwork now comes up with options to share what is playing, download it for offline listening or add an extra track to the playlist.

The Thumbs up/down have shifted right next to the song title and the artist, while the Playback controls now nestle in nicely below the cover art.

The news is not all that great, however. Although now you get to swipe up or down in other to access the up Next queue, for some reason you cannot swipe left and right to make changes to the track like you can using the Android versions of the app.

While it is still not clear why the changes have taken so long to hit iPadOS version of the app. The iPhone app has gotten an overhaul about a year ago, the changes would nevertheless be welcomed by users of the service on Apple’s tablet.

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Google Apps Getting More on Apple devices

While Google is rolling out updates to its Android apps with more impressively frequent regularity, it is fair to say that the users of its iOS and iPadOS apps have not been feeling quite the same amount of love in past times.

From the agonizing wait for Picture-in-picture to land on its Apple version of YouTube, to the company stating that it’s very own apps would get out of date and were a security issue, Google’s treatment of its iOS and iPadOS apps have not been attended to in past years.

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iPad YouTube Music Subscribers

The app that is most overlooked has been the iPad YouTube Music subscribers who had been left to wonder if the platform had been abandoned entirely.

News concerning this overdue software revision, alongside recent changes to the Archive feature right on to of its Photos App, will nevertheless get you the hope that Google treating app days has to offer to Apple devices as an afterthought may finally be at an end.

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