Steam Makes Change That Gets Many PC Gamers Very Excited

Steam makes change that gets many PC gamers very excited. It’s a very useful quality of life tweak if we are trying to be honest here.

Steam Makes Change That Gets Many PC Gamers Very Excited

Steam Makes Change That Gets Many PC Gamers Very Excited

Just recently, steam has tweaked the whole process of getting free PC games or DLC, therefore, making it a tad more convenient. And this is a change that has been met by many users with a lot of excitement or bewilderment in a handful of cases.

If you are a regular user of the steam platform, then you will doubtless recall that if a game is free on the platform (steam) and you want to get access to the title, in order to claim it, you will have no choice but to click on the play button which then kicks start the installation process. And after a short wait, you can then cancel out of that while the cogs load a bit. But this however is a little bit of unnecessary action.

Valve Has Introduced an ‘Add To Library’ Button

Valve at the moment has introduced an ‘Add to Library’ button that can be clicked on to add the product to the library of your games and that’s it. There is no form of any unnecessary action to be taken or cancelling an installation you most importantly do not want.

And also similar to free DLC, when getting that, the game is launched. And right now, instead of just waiting for that to happen, you can just click to grab or get the content and you are done, that’s it. The whole process is visibly easier and more convenient.

You Should Be Happy About This New Development

In what is seen as a small but very useful tweak, there has been such a great deal of happiness and celebration. Many tech news platforms have spotted this and what has happened and declared it as an ‘absolutely majestic change for the better and no less.


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