How to Fix a Flickering or Flashing Android Phone Screen

This guide will offer you How to Fix a Flickering or Flashing Android Phone Screen. When your Android Phone screen flickers and you get to see its life and all the money that you have spent on it flash right before your eyes, take heart that it may not be a goner.

How to Fix a Flickering or Flashing Android Phone Screen

Smartphones are quite durable, and the reasons the screen on one may start flickering or flashing can vary based on the circumstances. Sometimes this issue would appear because liquid managed to seep inside of the device or, perhaps, the Phone took a hard fall off a table or out of your pocket.

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How to Fix a Flickering or Flashing Android Phone Screen

In other situations instances, the culprit could be a faculty cable or other power sources. Software issues like glitches and bugs can also cause your Android Phone’s display to incessantly flicker. In rare cases, manufacturing problems can be the cause as evidenced by the 2019 release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

At the time, some reviewers reported that the screens of their devices had flickering issues right out of the box. Regardless, there are some troubleshooting steps that you can try out to see if it’s possible to fix your Android smartphone’s flickering or flashing display at home.

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Check your Phone and Restart it

Once you see glitchy behavior, your first course of action should be to examine your phone for external damage. It could be that a cracked or chipped screen is causing your phone to act up. Take off screen protectors or stickers and make sure the display is clean, as debris on it may register as touches and cause problems. If none of these factors seem to be causing the issue, then it might be possible that the flickering display is not related to a more obvious instance of surface damage.

In some cases, a flickering or flashing screen can be caused by issues with the hardware inside of the phone, in which case you would most likely need to take the handset to a professional to have it serviced.

If you are not afraid of launching the device, then consider removing the back of the phone and carefully checking the display flex cable to see whether it is loose or damaged. Android forums would be filled with threads from users that have narrowed their Display issues down to a damaged flex cable or loose connector.

This should be a last resort, however, as it would most like be an issue due to a software bug, Malfunctioning app, or your phone’s settings. Your First troubleshooting attempt is expected to involve rebooting your Phone. Turning a Phone off and then back on is a common way for you to fix a lot of issues, which include annoying crashing issues, and it is the fastest troubleshooting method. On most Android devices, simply hold the power button for several seconds to power it off, and then long press it once again to turn the phone right back on.

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Reboot into Safe Mode

At this point in time, you need to determine whether the display issue is the result of a software bug or a hardware malfunction, and the best way for you to do that is for you to boot the phone straight into safe mode, which results in only the core Android elements that are loading without any apps and other unnecessary things.

This shows you if you are experiencing a hardware or a software issue. If the flickering or flashing disappears in the Safe mode, you can safely assume that your device is experiencing a software bug, but if the flickering keeps on happening, you are most likely to look at a hardware problem.

Reset your Phone to Factory Default Settings

As your last attempt to get your phone back to working is normal, you might want to factory reset your phone. This move would in turn erase the phone’s memory and storage entirely and reset all of the settings back to the factory default.

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