SpaceX is Reportedly Set to Launch US Spy Satellites

SpaceX is reportedly set to launch US spy satellites making use of recycled Falcon heavy boosters. That being said, the US space force is embarking on doing more lifting for less.

SpaceX is Reportedly Set to Launch US Spy Satellites

SpaceX is Reportedly Set to Launch US Spy Satellites

In a bid to get more value for its money, the US space force has therefore given Elon Musk’s SpaceX the go-ahead in making use of recycled rocket boosters for its upcoming Falcon Heavy launches of the United States spy satellites.

On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the pentagon has certified the use of flown boosters previously used in the heavy configuration for sending classified military satellites into space. The military previously approved the use of recycled Falcon 9 boosters. Officials of the military also have touted the savings gotten from the used boosters in launching new GPS satellites.

 What Is a Falcon Heavy?

What is a falcon heavy, one may ask? Well, a falcon heavy is essentially a three Falcon 9 boosters that are all strapped together in providing maximum thrust for payloads that are heavier. In total, there have only been three heavy launches recorded. And the most recent one of them was in 2019.

And right now, at least four Falcon Heavy launches are on the mission manifest of SpaceX and this is including three for the United States space force. It is also expected that by the end of the year, we could see one or even two of those launches.

What SpaceX and Space Force Has To Say about the Recent Development

When asked for a comment in regards to this development, SpaceX and the space force did not respond to the request.


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