Makeup Artist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

If you are a Professional makeup artist, you can apply for any of the makeup artist jobs in USA with visa sponsorship. There are so many USA companies and organizations that offer jobs with visa sponsorship to foreigners. Makeup Artist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

This includes the job of a makeup artist. This article is going to discuss every detail you need to know about this topic. Read on!

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Makeup Artist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Getting a makeup artist job in USA increases your chances of getting sponsored for a USA work visa. With this, you can relocate to the USA and start working legally. Makeup artist jobs in the USA are also very flexible. You can earn hourly, weekly or monthly. Also, you can choose to work for other employers as the job opens you to more opportunities.

What is a Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship happens when a relative, group, or organization advocates for a person’s visa. When you apply for a visa, it indicates that you have a sponsor who is in favor of your entry into the United States for a specified reason. There are different visa categories and types of sponsorship.

A sponsor is also required to cover your financial expenses. A petition is usually filed during the sponsorship. The U.S.-based individual or organization submits a petition on the foreigner’s behalf. The foreign national can apply for the appropriate visa after being accepted.

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The high demand for labor in the USA allows American employers to hire labor from abroad when they are unable to find qualified candidates in the country. This is a good chance for foreign nationals to enter the country and work there. These Job positions could have a short period of stay in the country or offer visa sponsorship for a green card.

Although there are different U.S. work visa categories for foreigners with particular abilities, the H-1B visa receives the majority of attention. These visas are temporary and require renewal.

In order to secure a work visa for exceptionally qualified individuals who reside outside of the United States, an employer must sponsor the applicant. When a company sponsors a new employee’s employment visa, they assist with the application process, provide the necessary labor certification documents, and act as the petitioner for the visa.

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Who is a Makeup Artist?

A makeup artist is a skilled individual who uses cosmetics to beautify the human body. The cosmetic processes used by this individual improve the appearances of people by hiding their flaws and enhancing their beautiful features. A makeup artist is called MUA for short and he or she works closely with different cosmetic products.

There are so many opportunities for you to work as a Makeup artist in the USA. You can work in a spa, beauty salon, theatre, television or film industry, fashion industry, magazine companies, and lots more. You can also work as a freelance MUA meaning you work for different employers.

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How to Become a Makeup Artist in the USA

It’s not difficult to become a Makeup artist in the USA. Some of these jobs require training while others will not. However, going through specialized training will give you an edge during the job application.

As a foreigner, you should decide on the state you wish to work in. This will help you carry out research on the qualifications needed. Some states may require a License in Cosmetology or Makeup. You can also enroll in makeup schools.

Enrolling in a makeup course is also essential in getting a Makeup artist job in the USA. Lastly, build your brand both online and offline. Do this by setting up a good profile online. Also, take good pictures of your makeup skills and share them to build your brand. Making professional connections help also.

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Requirements for Makeup Artist Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

To get a Makeup artist job in the USA as a foreigner, you need to meet some requirements. Although each employer has its specific qualifications for the job position, the general requirements for getting an MUA job are listed below:

  • You should have a passion for anything related to makeup and beauty.
  • Good makeup skills
  • High school degree as a minimum educational qualification.
  • You need to be at least 18 years of age to apply for the job.
  • Driver’s license is also needed as you may be traveling a lot.
  • Makeup artist or cosmetology certification.

These are the general requirements needed for getting a USA makeup artist job as a foreigner. Some employers may also require a minimum of 3 to 5 years of work experience.

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US Artist Visa

The US Artist Visa gives you the opportunity to live and work legally in the USA. Since makeup artists work closely with entertainers and those in the fashion industry, you can apply for the O-1 visa or P-2 visa.

These two types of visas are nonimmigrant visas meaning that they allow their holders to work in the USA for a temporary period. However, both visas can be renewed. To learn more about the US Visa types, read on.

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O1 Visa

The O1 visa is a USA work visa for foreigners with unique abilities in business, arts, science, education, etc. It is also known as an Artist visa. This visa type is also applicable to those in the motion and television industry. To qualify for this visa, you need to possess a high degree of skill and ability in what you do.

To obtain this visa, your USA employer is required to file a petition to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Also, the employer must submit documents indicating you are a skilled makeup artist.

Designers are also allowed to apply for this visa and this includes makeup artists. Other professions that are allowed to apply for this visa include art and entertainment industry professionals, music industry professionals, fashion professionals, and lots more.

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P 2 Visa

If you want to work in the USA as a makeup artist, you can also apply for a P 2 visa. The P2 visa is designed for foreigners that want to gain entry into the country for a special event.

This visa is also for people that are highly experienced and possess a high degree of skills. To get this visa, you need to be internationally recognized and there must be an exchange program between an organization in your home country and a U.S organization

With the P2 visa, you can travel unrestricted in the USA. This visa is also valid for the period the exchange program is going to last. Cardholders can also work towards becoming USA permanent residents with this visa.

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How to Apply for a Makeup Job in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

Applying for a Makeup job in the USA may look difficult to you as a foreigner. If your case is so, you can follow the steps below to successfully apply for the job.

  • Start by preparing the documents you will need for the job. Prepare your resume and portfolio. Also, write an impressive cover letter.
  • The next step is to begin your job hunt online. You can do this on social media platforms. Alternatively, you can go through some database online that contains jobs with visa sponsorship.
  • The next step is to begin the job application. Submit the necessary documents and fill out the application form correctly. You can apply for as many Job positions as you find to increase your chances of getting a job offer.
  • If you qualify for a job position, the employer will contact you for an interview.

When you get a makeup job offer, you and your employer will determine your wage. With this, your employer can proceed to file a petition with USCIS and complete other processes. To avoid being a victim of fraud, ignore any employer asking you for a fee to get the job.

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Makeup Artist Salary

If want to work in the USA as a makeup artist, you should also be concerned about how much you can earn. The average national salary for makeup artists in the USA is $30,000. Makeup artists earn between $20 to $35 per hour.

Also, note that you may earn more than this amount depending on some factors. There are many factors that determine the salary of makeup artists in the USA. They include the employer or company the individual works for, the state they work in, and their work experience.

To get better pay as a makeup artist in the USA, you should choose a high-paying state such as New York, California, and Florida. Also, improve your skills as you work to earn more.

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Where to Find Makeup Artist Jobs in USA With Visa Sponsorship

There are some useful websites online where you can find Makeup artist jobs with visa sponsorship. These websites also give you the specific requirements for the job and also how you can apply. They include:

You can visit any of these websites to locate a Visa sponsorship job to apply for.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Benefits of Working as a Makeup Artist in the USA?

Beyond the salary they earn, USA makeup artists also enjoy other benefits. These benefits however depend on the employer the Makeup artist works with. Generally, they get employee discounts, flexible schedules, bonus pay, medical insurance, dental insurance, and lots more.

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How are Makeup Artists Paid in the USA?

Since there are different types of Makeup artists, the way they are paid differs. If you work in a theatre or with a performance team, you may be paid per day or event. If you are a freelance makeup artist, you get paid per job or per salary. Lastly, working in a beauty salon or spa may warrant you getting paid hourly, weekly, or monthly.

Can I get a job in the US without a Visa sponsor?

It is possible to obtain a work visa in the US even without sponsorship from a company. The EB-1, 0-1, and EB-5 visas are the three types of visas that permit this.

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EB-1 Work Visa

The EB-1 work visa is a type of visa that enables those with exceptional skills and abilities to relocate permanently to the United States. This kind of visa is for individuals with exceptional talent in the arts, sciences, athletics, business, etc.

The visa type is also available to academics and researchers who have received widespread recognition on a global scale for their significant contributions to their fields of study. You don’t need a job offer from a U.S. employee to qualify for this type of visa.

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EB-5 Work Visa 

Another type of visa that enables foreign nationals to live and work in the US without a job offer is the EB-5 Work Visa. For foreign nationals who want to invest significantly in the US, this type of visa is the best option.

You and your family members will receive a Green card (permanent resident card) when you obtain this visa.

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O-1 Work Visa

The O-1 Work Visa allows its holders easy entry to apply for a U.S. green card and is quite comparable to the EB-1 Work Visa. The O-1 visa type is for individuals with remarkable talents and accomplishments. This is the best visa type for those in the television or film industries. Holders of this three-year visa are eligible to request an extension when it expires.



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