Groundskeeper Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now!

Groundskeeper Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship gives you the opportunity to live in the United State with a free visa as well as have a well-paid job. The sponsorship program is one amazing program that helps relative or US companies sponsor foreigners to the United State. Hence, either to stay or work in the United State.

This sponsorship program helps immigrants who are having no relatives and who are having relatives get the opportunity to access the United State. Well, if you are having plans to immigrate to the United State, a visa sponsorship program is the right avenue to do so.

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Groundskeeper Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

United State government has the interest of its citizen and economy at heart and thought it is wise to introduce a visa sponsorship program. This is to say that, due to the shortage of labor in the US, the need for foreign workers became the other of the day.

Moreso, with this, they can get a sponsorship visa and increase their chances of getting any United States to work visa. Notwithstanding, before groundskeeper jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship is not an exception.

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What is Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship is when a family member or organization advocates for an individual’s visa. As the applicant for a visa, it means you have an advocate that supports your entry to United State for the purpose stated in the visa.

Furthermore, it can also be said as a situation where an employer in the US hires you to work in the United State with a free visa. They are guaranteeing to the US authorities that you will be a legal working resident.

What is Groundskeeper Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship?

Groundskeeper Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship gives an opportunity to groundkeepers who are looking for jobs in the United State but have less or no funds to finance that fit. According to the USCIS, any foreign national that comes to the US for temporary employment qualifies for a nonimmigrant visa.

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Who is a Ground Keeper?

A groundkeeper is a person who is responsible for the care and maintenance of a particular tract of lands, such as an estate, a park, or a cemetery. It is also a person in charge of maintaining a football field, baseball diamond, etc. These persons are also called caretakers, custodians, or janitors. Hence, they are responsible for the upkeep, access, and maintenance of a place or building maintenance man.

Groundskeeper Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

H2B Visa for Groundskeeper Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

What visa does a groundkeeper need for visa sponsorship? A groundkeeper who needs a visa sponsorship will have to apply for an H2B visa. The H2B visa category is quite broad in terms of types of temporary nonagricultural occupations that can qualify for H2B status.

H2B visas are more recommended for temporary workers. This is for employed workers such as landscapers, groundskeepers, and forestry workers. An H2B visa holder can be granted a term of ta yip to nine months. However, in this situation, the period of stay of a temporary worker can be extended up to three years.

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Ground Keeper Jobs Requirements

Maintenance groundskeepers can work in numerous outdoor settings where they perform tasks such as mowing lawns, pruning trees and shrubs, maintaining fountains or cultivating flowerbeds. However, for you to qualify for a groundkeeper job you will have to meet certain requirements such as

  • High school diploma, GEO, or suitable equivalent.
  • A year or more of groundskeeping or related experience.
  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Proficient in using manual and power tools safely.
  • Free from allergies that interfere with groundskeeper duties.
  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Knowledge of the maintenance of heavy groundskeeping equipment.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English.
  • Ability to identify annual, and perennial plants, trees, and shrubs.

These are some general requirements needed for the position of a ground keeper. Nevertheless, some employers can demand more additional requirements.

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How to Get Groundskeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Having a groundskeeping job in the USA with visa sponsorship gives you access to a free work visa and free accommodation in most cases prior to US laws. Hence, to get a good ground-keeping job in the US, you have to meet the needed requirements the job demands.

Most of these Job needs a school degree, work experience, special skill, and lots more. However, you will have to state your interest by applying online for the job.

How to Apply for a Groundskeeping Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The application process for a groundkeeper job in the United State is listed below

  • Go online and search for job postings. To make it easy, you can search for H1B visa sponsors or H1B visa sponsorship updated information.
  • Ensure you are qualified for the job you have found. You can achieve that by going through the listed qualification demands.
  • Build a well-organized CV and application letter that will match the needed requirement. Hence, let your CV and application be of US standard.
  • Upload it on the company’s portal.

When all that is done, you will be called if you are qualified for the job and your pay rate will be determined thereafter. Furthermore, the US employer will then, state a petition for sponsorship.

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Groundskeeping Jobs Salaries

The average salary of a ground keeper in the United State is $13 to $18 per hour. Hence, they earn $26,000 to $28, 000 a year. However, if you have gotten a job offer or you are anticipating applying for a job, you should ensure you go through all details about the job. Most of all it is important you go through the job description.

Furthermore, groundskeepers made a median salary of $31,730, while the bast paid 25 percent made $38,930 in a year.

Is it possible to get a work Visa without Visa Sponsorship?

Yes, it is possible to obtain a work visa without sponsorship from an employer in the United States. There are three types of visas that allow this and they are known as EB1, O-1 and EB-5. An immigration attorney can help with obtaining one of these visas.

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EB1 Work Visa

The EB1 visa is an employment-based green card for foreign nationals who demonstrate extraordinary ability in their field, whether science, the arts, education, business or athletics.

Evidence proving extraordinary is by sustained national or international acclaim. You must have at least three years of experience in teaching or research in that academic area.

O-1 Work Visa

The O-1 nonimmigrant visa is for the individual who possesses extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics. Hence, who has a demonstrated record of extraordinary achievement in the motion picture or television industry? Furthermore, and has been recognized nationally and internationally.

EB-5 Work Visa

This program is known as EB-5 for the name of the employment-based fifth preference visa that participants receive. Congress creates the EB-5 program in 1990 to stimulate the US economy through job creation and investment by foreign investors.

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What is a Ground Keepers Job?

A ground or caretaker is responsible for maintaining an aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor space. Their duties include planting flowers and shrubbery mowing lawns and communicating with the property owner to determine their vision for the space.

How much is a visa sponsorship?

Petitioning for foreign workers in the H1B and permanent employment-based visa sponsorship process can be an expensive one. Sponsoring a nonimmigrant employee for the H1 can cost anywhere between $1,250 to $4,500 in filing fees alone not including fees paid to attorneys to facilitate the process.

How Long does Visa Sponsorship Take?

The USCIS generally takes three to six months to process a completed application, but employers may choose to expedite the process by paying for premium processing.



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