Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship – APPLY NOW

Truck Driver Jobs in the USA with Visa Sponsorship are a nice opportunity. Are you a truck driver who is anticipating immigrating to the United States? Well, you are on the right part, as there are many truck driver job opportunities available in the United States, plus you can get a Visa sponsorship to travel with.

Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship
Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Notwithstanding, there are certain processes you need to undergo in other to qualify for a visa sponsorship as a truck driver in the United States.

Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 

Truck driver jobs in the US with Visa sponsorship would be very easy for you when you meet the requirement that is expected of you. However, the United States Citizenship immigration service has put in place the necessary criteria that will help aspiring immigrants to immigrate to the USA without much stress.

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One of these includes the “express entry program”, a provincial-nominated program. Etc. Moreover, with these programs, you will be sure to travel to the US with little or no stress.

Truck Driver Salary in the United States

The salary of truck driver salary in the United States is based on their experience and location. However, the average salary is $82,813 per year. While the highest-paid for truck drivers is $137,687. According to pay reported by Indeed users, truck drivers make $19.92 per hour on average.

Salaries By Years of Experience in The United States

In the U.S., you are paid per hour, sometimes you can be paid weekly, monthly, and also per year. However, it all depends on your choice, but workers are mostly paid an hour. So, we are going to be looking at the truck driver’s salary by experience. Yes, your experience will determine if you are going to be receiving high payment or not. Here are truck driver salaries by years of experience in the United States

Highest Paying Cities for Truck Drivers Near United States

There are some cities in the United States that pay truck drivers so high, some f these cities include:

Columbus, OH

This is one of the best cities to apply for truck driving jobs. However, there are some cities close to this state such as Akron, OH, Dayton, OH, Toledo, Oh, etc. All these cities pay truck drivers high salaries. The average salary for a truck driver is $89,774 – $178,644 per year in Columbus, OH.

Truck driver salary in Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX is an excellent place to live and it is one of the best places in Texas. They are one of the best cities that pay so well for truck driving jobs in the U.S. However, the average salary for a truck driver is $93,240 – $191,264 per year in Dallas.

Truck driver salary in Houston, TX

Houston, TX is a peaceful city to stay in. It has lots of goodies and also lots of benefits for their workers. However, the average salary for a truck driver is $92,102 per year in Houston, TX.

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Atlanta, GA

This is another beautiful city in the United States that pay so high. However, the average salary for a truck driver is $89,146 – $185,124 per year in Atlanta, GA.

Salt Lake City, UT

The average Truck driver’s salary in Salt Lake City, UT is $49,466 – $89,123 per year. However, it is one of the coolest places to stay.

Phoenix, AZ

The average salary for a truck driver is $87,863-$172,431 per year in Phoenix, AZ. You will enjoy lots of benefits. However, they offer visa sponsorship and other benefits like Life insurance, opportunities for advancement, Paid orientation, Paid sick time, Paid time off, etc.

Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is the most populous city in the U.S. state of North Carolina. Located in the Piedmont region, it is the county seat of Mecklenburg County. The average salary for a truck driver is $87,492 per year in Charlotte, NC.

Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville is a city located on the Atlantic coast of northeastern Florida, full of pleasantry. However, the average salary for a truck driver is $87,444 – $187,982 per year.

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8 Best Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship to Apply for 

Here are some of the best trucking jobs you can apply for:

Commercial Truck Driver

Commercial truck drivers transport goods all over the country, you will not always have to leave your state either, many drivers move products within state lines. As a commercial truck driver, you are responsible for transporting anything from food to medical equipment to a variety of locations.

You can work for a trucking company or in-house as a delivery driver. However, you are open to an average salary of $49,600 to $62,800 per year and more as time goes by. However, it is important you know that all company has different policy and this amount can be changed.

Delivery Driver

These days people want to get the things they buy immediately. Well, delivery drivers have made that very possible. In this job, you will transport items like food, clothing, furniture, etc. This career path carries a lower average wage but also means you will get to go home at the end of every day. As a delivery driver, you are open to an average salary of about $35,100 to $44,500 per year.

Material Handler

Material handlers are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the production and distribution of products by pulling orders from inventory. This type of driver supplies production materials for the completion of finished goods. Material handlers are accessible to an average pay of $34,100 to $40, 300.

Concrete Truck Driver

You will need a CDL-B license to become a concrete truck driver. Concrete truck drivers go to work every day knowing they are making an impact. And they are very much open to paying of $49,600 to $62,800 per year. Note that this could change based on a different company’s terms and policies.

Hazmat Driver

Hazmat drivers carry materials that can be flammable, explosive, corrosive, etc. Due to the implied danger to their job hazmat drivers receive higher wages than other drivers. In order to become a hazmat driver, you will need special certification. For such drivers, they are accessible to pay of about  $31,100 to $39, 300 per year.

Long-Haul Cargo Driver

These are the drivers most people picture when they think of truck drivers. These drivers carry cargo across long distances. These types of drivers tend to be in higher demand and make higher wages of about $59,600 to $72,800 per year.

Heavy Equipment Driver

Heavy equipment drivers are responsible for picking up and delivering large equipment into trucks and transporting them to project sites. As a heavy equipment driver, you are required to work with heavy-duty materials. Furthermore, you will also be in charge of preparing documentation for delivery when it’s done.

They earn an average salary of $49,600 to $62,800 per year and more as time goes on. However, this could salary differ with different employers.

Warehouse Forklift Driver

Warehouse forklift drivers are seen in warehouses. Well, that is where they work. They deliver stocks to distribution centers. They are responsible for orders, shipment containers, and retail delivery to and from plants.

Warehouse forklift drivers are accessible to an average annual salary of $35,100 to $44,500 per year.

Less Than 1 Year Experience Salary

As a truck driver, if you have less than 1 year of experience in the field, you will be paid $77, 758, while per hour will be $39.00 an hour. However, it might change due to the locations.

2 To 5 Years Experience Salary

You will be paid $76, 000 – $80, 318 per year for 2 to 5-year of experience as a truck driver in the United States. However, there are other benefits attached to these salaries like insurance, paid time off, etc.

6 to 9 Years Experience Truck Driver Salary

You earn $88,418 as 6 to 9 years of experience on a truck driver salary with Visa sponsorship. There are other good benefits to enjoy.

More than 10 years

You can receive $93,508 per year for more than 20 years of experience truck driver. However, you can apply now as it is available at Indeed with free visa sponsorship.

Qualifications for Truck Driving Job in USA

US trucking companies can use H-2-B visas to hire foreign commercial truck drivers. This visa program is designed to help US employers overcome the shortage of US workers who are not willing and able to perform nonagricultural labor. Notwithstanding, there are qualifications just like we mentioned before you have to meet up with and they are stated below

  • To become a commercial truck driver in the US you need to be over 21 years old and 18 if you are staying in the United States.
  • You will need to attend a truck driving school and pass a test in order to earn a commercial driver’s license (CDL).
  • proficiency using GPSA devices.
  • Good verbal communication skills.
  • Physical strength and ability to lift up to 70 pounds.
  • Extensive knowledge of the operating area.

Once you have the above in place, you can use the steps given above to start applying for a job.

Responsibilities of Truck Drivers in USA 

Are you a truck driver or an anticipating truck driver? Have you applied for a job in the United States and you have been employed already? Well, there are some things you need to consider and this responsibility that you should carry out as a truck driver in the US. Some of these responsibilities include

  • Keep commercial driver’s license up to date. This means you have to renew your commercial driver’s license when it expires.
  • Follow traffic laws.
  • Report road incidents to the dispatcher.
  • Follow accident procedures.
  •  Report mechanical problems to maintenance personnel.
  • Inspect trucks and record issues.
  • Keep activities log and log hours.
  •  Plan routes using a GPS system.
  • Get goods to the client on time.
  • Lastly, maintain a positive attitude toward customers.
  • Uphold punctuality.
  • Maintain a good interpersonal relationship.
  • Ensure consistent and regular communication with Radio monitors and promptly inform radio monitors of potential causes for delay such as inclement weather, and flat tires. Etc.
  • When needed, aid the client in safely unloading and moving cargo from your vehicle.
  • Clean driving record.

These are what you should be responsible for when you are employed as a truck driver.

Skills of Truck Driver Jobs in USA 

Expectancy, most time should be fulfilled as being a truck driver is not all there is to truck driving. Hence, a truck driver is expected to have a certain skill that would distinguish their profession from a car driver’s profession. However, some of these Skills include

  • Reliability.
  • Customer service.
  • Stress management skills.
  • Alertness and awareness.
  • Accountability
  • Time management skills.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Traffic laws, DOT regulations, and driving knowledge.
  • Good listing communication skills.
  • Dependability.
  • Pallet jack experience is required; forklift experience is.

Well, it is very important to ask yourself, if you have all these qualities before applying for a truck driver job.

Benefits of Truck Driver Job in USA 

Do you know outside of getting good pay from truck driving services you also get access to certain benefits? Well, as funny as it sounds it’s very true. Below is a list of benefits a US truck driver can access to

  • Vacations. Did we mention paid vacation and sick days off?
  • Travel.
  • You will be ensured Job security.
  • Freedom of association and movement.
  • Insurance on finance.
  • Health insurance.
  • No degree is required.
  • Flexibility and freedom.

Is someone thinking what we are thinking? Wow, you got it right. It will not be a bad idea to apply for a job, right?  Just take the necessary steps and get started.

Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship Application Process

Truck drivers who need access to an American port facility should apply for the transportation worker identification credential annotated B-1 visa. It’s recommended that companies make sure a driver who needs port access in the United States is aware of the requirement for a TWIC annotated Visa.

Moreso, they should get a job offer before applying for a Visa. Hence, to achieve this fit, their sponsor will have to take necessary actions.

How to Get a Truck Driver Job in the USA

There are certain qualifications you have to meet up with before you get a job as a truck driver in the United States. However, as an immigrant who wants to apply for visa sponsorship, you have to get a job offer letter before you can apply for a visa and before the visa can be approved. Here, are the steps you have to take in order to get a job offer letter

  • You have to pass your state’s regular driver’s license exam.
  • Complete high school or the GED.
  • Start professional training.
  • Earn your CDL and other relevant endorsements.
  • Set up a well-organized CV that any employer in the United States would love to see.
  • Make use of social media, which are often connected to United States employer and their company.
  • Find a truck company in which you are interested and tender your application letter with your CV attached to it.

When the above is carried out, you will have to wait in anticipation of their response.

Expected Interview Questions for Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship and Their Possible Answers

Here are helpful expected questions and possible answers that can help you when called for an interview:

Why Do You Want to Work as a Truck Driver in USA Where There are Other Options?

I have a passion for driving and love visiting places, you can simply call me an explorer. I believe working in your company will give me the chance to explore my interests and also become more productive.

Why Should We Hire You?

You should hire me because I meet all our job requirements and above all, I have all its takes to make an impact in your company. And am ready to take up any task to that effect.

How Long Have You Been Working as a Truck Driver?

I have been a truck driver for over seven years now and it has really been so amazing.

Do You Think Communication Skills Are a Vita Part of Your Job as a Truck Driver?

Yes, this is because I need this to relate well with customers and my fellow workers. Also, teamwork is a part of this job and I need to be able to relate work effectively.

As a Truck Driver, How Do You Handle Pressure?

I usually take a short break to rest and reflect.

How Would You Handle a Situation Where Your Delivery is Late, and Your Customer is Angry?

I will apologize to the customer, showing how sorry I am for the delay. I perfectly understand that customer satisfaction is a priority and this should be my major focus.

Tell Me About Your Truck Maintenance Routine.

Before I start work every day, I monitor the tires, breaks, lights, and mirrors of my truck and ensure the car is in good condition. However, if there were discrepancies, I ensure I report them to my manager.

As a Truck Driver, Do You Stop at Weigh Stations?

Yes, I do. Knowing that too much weight could affect my car I ensure I do it when necessary.

As a Truck Driver, How Do You Handle Accidents?

When you are asked a such question you should ensure you tell the truth. In so doing, you will be taken for your honesty.

What Strategies Do You Have to Ensure that You Meet Up with Delivery Time?

Some of the strategies I have is: I will set a time frame for myself per delivery I make. Most times, I resume work before the expected time. Furthermore, I will ensure to be efficient and effective with my duties.

What are the Greatest Strengths of a Truck Driver?

Well, some of them among many are, teamwork, good communication skills, and staying calm during an accident.

How to Apply for a Truck Driver Work Visa in the USA with Visa Sponsorship

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service requires that American companies sponsor non-citizens. Companies who are having trouble filling roles in their business often turn to sponsor a nonimmigrant worker by use of the H1B visa. Furthermore, if these companies decide to employ you, they will have to carry out the following so you can get the H1B visa:

  • When you must have sent your CV and you are accepted, your employer will tender a petition for sponsorship to the United States citizenship immigration service. However, this step will be taken when he or she must have determined your payment rate.
  • Then a labor condition application will be submitted to the DOL for certification.
  • He or she will register for the United States Citizenship immigration service for the EW-3 lottery selection to be taken
  • Lately, the complete submission of 1-129 forms to the USICS for beneficiaries will be done.

When these are all done, you will be instructed to apply for the H1B visa with the job offer letter sent to you.

U.S Companies that Offer Truck Driver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship 

There are some companies in the United States with a track record of sponsoring foreign truck drivers for a U.S. visa. When you apply for a Truck driving job in any of these companies, you have a high chance of getting hired.

Below are some companies in the United States that offer truck driving jobs to foreigners with visa sponsorship:

  • Coca-Cola.
  • Shergill.
  • Pepsi Bottling Ventures.
  • Live Nation.
  • Cargill.
  • Nestle.
  • Marathon Petroleum Company.
  • M.S International.
  • Quikrete Companies.
  • DHL.
  • Ferrellgas.
  • Pilot Fibre.
  • Fiberon.

These are some of the companies that offer truck driving jobs to foreigners. You can visit any of the company’s websites to search for job vacancies and apply.

Website to Find Truck Driver Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Below is the website where you can find truck driving jobs with visa sponsorship:


Can Truck Drivers Get Green Cards?

If your intention is to work and live permanently in the US as a truck driver, you can look for an employer who is willing to act as the sponsor of an employment-based petition for permanent residency. This is significantly more time-consuming than the non-immigrant Visa option and can take multiple years.

Can a Trucking Company Sponsor an Immigrant?

US trucking companies can use the H-2B visa to hire foreign commercial truck drivers. This Visa program is designed to help US employers overcome the shortage of US workers who are not willing and able to perform nonagricultural labor.

How can a Truck Driver Get a US Work Visa?

If you are a foreign worker hoping to work as a truck driver in the US, you may be served best by applying for an H-2B Visa. According to, this is the best visa option for truck drivers.

Does the USA Hire Foreign Truck Drivers?

A severe shortage of truck drivers in the US has led to more companies bringing in drivers from abroad. In 2019, the US was already short 60,000 drivers, according to the American trucking association.

Can Truck Drivers Get Sponsorship?

Yes. The application must not now, or at any time in the future, require sponsorship for an employment visa.

Do you have to be a US Citizen to be a Truck Driver?

Both federal law and state laws provide for issuing CDLs to non-citizens. If you are not a US citizen, you may obtain a commercial driver’s license if you are a legal permanent resident. If you are not a US citizen or legal permanent resident, you may obtain a CDL under Certain Conditions.

Do I Need a Green Card to be a Truck Driver?

Generally, US Trucking Companies have the choice to bring commercial truck drivers on a temporary basis to fill short-term needs by sponsoring them on nonimmigrant visas or on a permanent basis and sponsoring the drivers for a permanent residency (green card).



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