Monster Hunter Rise Reset – Data Issues Fix on Steam

The Monster Hunter Rise Reset on Steam might just be what you need to get the latest patch for the new DLC working fine.

Monster Hunter Rise Reset

If you are faced with issues concerning the Monster Hunter Rise, well there is a great way for you to get it fixed, and the first step is to clear out anything that you do not want inside your game files and then repair anything that is damaged or missing.

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Monster Hunter Rise Reset

Issues after or during patching are surprisingly common with Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak Latest Updates, with reports flooding the steam forums. Being unable to take a giant crab and explore the new jungle area is one terrible burden to bear when all you want to do is start tracking fistfuls of new monsters at the bounty board.

Whether just hiccups from the patching process, spotty internet access during the downloads, or even if you have been modding your game, a reset might actually help you. While you break any of the modding, that you have done, and thus won’t have any UI tweaks, weird outfits, or qualify of life mods – that’s actually a small price for you to pay to fix any issues concerning the new DLC and patches.

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How to Reset your Install

Doing this would not affect your game saves, but if you are worried, feel free to back up your saves first before starting the process. Below is how to Reset the Game:

  • First, locate Monster Hunter Rise in your library and right-click on it for the Context Menu, select Browser local files under manage. This would launch the game’s data folder where your files are stored.
  • Select and then delete all the files located inside the folder except for the file ‘re_chunk_000.pak’ – this file holds many of the core game assets and we need it for the next step
  • Head back to steam and right-click Monster Hunter Rise on your library once again and then select Properties from the context menu
  • Choose local files from the Tab list located on the left side, and then click on Verify integrity of game files button. You would have to wait a while for the process, which would display a percentage and then download new files to replace ones damaged or deleted.
  • After everything is finished, reboot your computer, and then give the game another try. With any luck, this should be patched correctly and working.

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Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak DLC

The Monster Hunter Rise is actually worth the effort to get working again, especially with the Sunbreak DLC ushering in new places to explore and creatures to conquer. This appears to be a worthwhile expansion, that expands the formula that capcom did very well with. While it does not remain a Monster Hunter world, Rise has carved out its very own identity that has only grown with Sunbreak.

While steam itself rarely encounters issues anymore with specific titles, individual patches are another story, and mods can always play havoc with your installations with time. it is for this reason it is not a bad idea to tidy up before a big patch or after coming back to your install after being distracted by the rest of your gaming backlog.

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