Nintendo Switch Online Set to Get an Underrated Pokémon Classic

Nintendo switch online set to get an underrated Pokémon classic and it is set to arrive next week.

Nintendo Switch Online Set to Get an Underrated Pokémon Classic

Nintendo Switch Online Set to Get an Underrated Pokémon Classic

If you have been following the developments following the Nintendo switch online version then you will agree with me that the platform is not so shy of adding interesting titles to its library as the addition of an N64 classic now proves.

The online subscription service of the Nintendo Switch is set to get Pokémon puzzle league on the 15 of July. The N64 puzzler comes hot on the heels of Pokémon snap, a title that just arrived at the service last month.

You should also know that Pokémon puzzle league will be the very first game/title to be included in Nintendo switch online N64 roaster that is outside the original planned and announced lineup. And as such we should be expecting a second wave of games to begin being introduced periodically all through this year and even maybe to the next.

What Is Pokémon Puzzle League

Many people already know about this game and its title. The game is a Match 3 type of puzzle game where you will have to shift blocks of varying colors. When you make a line of three or more of the same block type, they will be cleared from the board immediately. And doing this, you will hopefully be able to chain together combos of blocks line in order to score big in the game and in the process set your opponent back.

Pokémon puzzle league is kind of unique as it has close connections to the gen 1 Pokémon anime that was also airing at the time. And as such, the game features some clips and even voice samples from the anime which is quite a rare sighting on the N64 in general.

What This Means for Players

What does this mean? This simply means that you will be able to play as characters and also against other characters from that first iconic anime season. Brock, Ash, and Misty are all joined by stalwarts such as Gary Oak, Elite Four, and Team Rocket.

In truth with all the Pokémon titles this year we have all been awe-struck. Pokémon legends Arceus delighted players back in January this year by shaking up the trusted and true formula. Fast-forward to November 9, gen 9 games Pokémon Scarlet and violet will be launching on Nintendo switch. This will therefore bring a new type of locale and a slew of new pocket monsters to catch.

Players Should Expect More Pokémon Games and Titles

And while the N64 wasn’t originally home to any mainline Pokémon game, the platform had plenty of memorable spinoffs. And hopefully, we will eventually get Pokémon stadium and also its sequel on the Nintendo Switch online service platform. And not just for the cinematic battles, but also for the interestingly silly party minigames.


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