Netflix to Host the Movie Return Of Johnny Depp

Reports coming in at this moment suggest Netflix is set to host the movie return of Johnny Depp. The French arm of Netflix will host La Favorite after its theatrical release earlier.

Netflix to Host the Movie Return Of Johnny Depp

Netflix to Host the Movie Return Of Johnny Depp

In over two years, the streaming giant Netflix will host the first new movie by Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp who has spent the vast parts of 2022 in a litigable scuffle with his ex-wife Amber Heard has not made or appeared in any movie since Minamata which is a drama that was released back in 2020. The actor is now confirmed to play a role in La Favorite where he is set to play the role of French monarch King Louis XV.

The news first made light of Netflix and Johnny’s involvement in a movie in the early parts of July 7th. This is so when reports as per Bloomberg suggested that Netflix would help not just only finance but also stream the new movie by Johnny Depp.

Tech news platform, TechRadar has learned via a spokesperson from Netflix that the company Netflix will not be assisting with the financing for the film, but however, it has licensed the movie for hosting on its platform after its theatrical release.

What is La Favorite?

La favorite is a production from a French company known as Why Not Productions. The movie is set to be released in 2023 with Netflix in French movie theaters. Netflix will however have to wait for 15 months before it will have to go on their platform. And even at that the movie also will only be available to French subscribers of Netflix.

In regards to the shoot of the movie, the French newspaper Le Figaro has got some details. The shoot for the movie is set for this summer and will also include works at the popular and historic palace of Versailles in France.

Other People to Work on the Project

Another person who is set to work on the project with Johnny Depp is Maiwen Le Besco who is simply known in France as Maiwenn. She is set to both direct and star in the movie. The movie will be a biopic of the life of Jeanne Becu.

Becu grew up in abject poverty as the illegitimate daughter of an impoverished seamstress who went on to fame via the court of Louis XV to become the last official mistress f the monarch. Other names to feature in the movie along the pair are Pierre Richard and Noemie Lvovsky.


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