Nomad Is Celebrating Its 10 Years Anniversary by Offering 30% off Sitewide

Nomad is celebrating its 10 years anniversary by offering 30% off sitewide. With that being said, it means that you can now get great deals on folios, skins, cases, wallets, chargers, and many more during the platform’s sitewide sale.

Nomad Is Celebrating Its 10 Years Anniversary by Offering 30% off Sitewide

Nomad Is Celebrating Its 10 Years Anniversary by Offering 30% Off Sitewide

We all know that prime day is right by the corner and deals are now dropping everywhere as companies try to mark items in order to compete with Amazon. And currently, Nomad which is an accessory-making company is having a sale in celebrating its 10 years of helping to provide phone cases of quality by cutting down the prices on all full-price, and in-stock Nomad items by a whopping 30% now and through July 15.

Whether it is that you are on the lookout for cases for your iPad, iPhone, AirPods, or even Pixel buds, or you are just looking to upgrade the band on your apple watch, or you need adapters, mounts, or multi-device charging to charge you devices, the options to choose from are plenty and Nomad have got you covered.

Why You Should Shop At Nomad

David Carnoy of CNET who is a big fan of the cases of Nomad has described the products as pretty slick and swanky during his round-up of the best iPhone 13 cases. In this sale modern leather cases, skins, and folios for iPhones are all included as well as sporty iPhone cases and screen protectors. You should also know that plenty of these options are available for other iPhone models too and this is inclusive of the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, XS, SE, and many more.

In addition to cases and folios for iPad, leather sleeves for MacBooks and leather mousepads are also in the selection as well as loops, keychains, covers for AirTags, and wallets.

You Should Shop At Nomad Today

If you are in the market for an upgrade on your style and gear, you should try shopping the entire selection at Nomad while you still can and then stock up on most of the items that will help you locate the right balance that you have been looking for in regards to aesthetics and function for a great and wonderful price.


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