Top 10 Canadian Scholarships for International Students

Canada is desired by so many international students but only a few are able to pay for their studies and their living cost in Canada. The good news here is that you can get assistance from the Canadian Government and other nonprofit organizations through scholarships. This article will reveal the top 10 Candian Scholarships for international students who do not have the financial capability to pay for their studies in Canada.

Top 10 Canadian Scholarships for International Students

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Top 10 Canadian Scholarships for International Students

Before talking about the various scholarships, we have to answer the question “Why Study in Canada as an International Student?“

There are different reasons why international students should study in Canada. Some of them are listed below;

  • You will have the best learning experience. Canada has the best education system and facilities to provide the best learning experience.
  • Studying in Canada will give you access to a higher standard of living.
  • Canadian citizens welcome international students.
  • A good education in Canada prepares you for a bright future.
  • You will be able to get well-paying jobs without much competition.
  • Only the best and brightest are admitted to Canadian universities. This will have a positive effect on you.

The scholarships in Canada are offered by the Canadian government, some Canadian universities, non-profit organizations, and individuals.

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Top 10 Fully Funded Scholarships in Canada for International Students

Here is a list of ten highly paid scholarships in Canada, supporting scholars with over 50,000 CAD.

The Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Banting Post Doctoral Scholarship is a two-year non-renewable scholarship for Canadian and international students. The value of this scholarship is $70,000 for postdoctoral fellows engaged in research in fields such as health, natural sciences, engineering, social sciences, and humanities. Read more about this scholarship, here.

University of Toronto International Scholar Award

The University of Toronto offers merit scholarships of up to $100,000 to international scholars. This scholarship covers a period of four years and requires the fulfillment of certain conditions. Follow this link to get more information about the University of Toronto International Scholar Award.

Western University International President’s Entrance Scholarship

The Western University President’s Scholarship is awarded based on academic performance. This award is reserved for non-Canadian students who have applied for full-time study at Western University. The value of this award is $50,000. Read more about this scholarship here.

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Loran Scholarship Award

This scholarship is offered by the Loran Scholars Foundation in partnership with universities in Canada. The criteria for receiving this scholarship are exceptional leadership and character. Winners of these scholarships are awarded a total of $100,000. For more information, click here.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship is awarded on the basis of leadership ability, academic excellence, and research ability. The amount of 50,000 dollars is provided to the recipients of this scholarship with a three-year doctoral study. See more about this offer here.

Capilano University Scholarship

Capilano University is offering $50,000 to international students and new Canadian students who need support to study at the school. This amount does not need to be returned. Find more information about this scholarship here.

Trudeau Scholarships

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation is offering a total of $60,000 to train future leaders. This scholarship is intended for Ph.D. students who want to train themselves to turn their ideas into action for the benefit of their community. Read more about this scholarship here.

Schulich Leader Scholarship

This is one of the most sought-after Canadian scholarships. It’s worth $100,000. It is awarded to entrepreneurially oriented high school graduates who enrolled in science, mathematics, technology, and engineering majors. To learn more about this scholarship, click here.

York University International Students Scholarship Program

York University offers a variety of scholarships for current students as well as international students. The value of these scholarships ranges from $80,000 to $190,000. This is for students who have sudden financial difficulties and cannot pay their bills. Learn more about this scholarship here.

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The Calgary International Entrance Scholarship

The Calgary International Entrance Scholarship is worth $60,000. It is available to international students or permanent residents of Canada. This is an undergraduate scholarship for the best academics. Click here to get more details about his scholarship.

Coverages of Scholarships in Canada

These are coverages of the scholarships offered in Canada

  • Comprehensive health insurance.
  • Cost of education
  • Salary allowance and all living expenses
  • Free food and accommodation
  • full or partial tuition fees.
  • Other help
  • Relocation fees
  • Possibility to participate in seminars
  • Network Infrastructure
  • sports association.

How can I get a High-paying Scholarship in Canada?

Follow these tips to get the best result from your application process

  • Research the types of scholarships you need.
  • Make sure you understand the eligibility criteria and application requirements. Apply only for scholarships for which you are eligible.
  • Make sure your documents are complete.
  • Apply on time for any scholarships you are eligible for.
  • Be creative in your application. Don’t just focus on education; Some scholarships are awarded based on other criteria such as community service, sports, etc.
  • Always include a reference letter with your application.
  • If an essay is required, write a well-organized, complete, high-quality essay.

What Are the Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Highly Paid Scholarships in Canada?

Scholarships in Canada have different eligibility criteria. There are three factors that scholarship awarding bodies consider before awarding scholarships:

  • Advanced language skills
  • Participation in social and extracurricular activities
  • Excellent academic record

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Documents Required to Apply for a Scholarship in Canada

To be sure of the documents you need, check each scholarship by visiting their application website. These are the general documents that academic organizations in Canada will need

  • Language proficiency test results (ACT, SAT, GRE, GPA)
  • well-written medical articles and reports.
  • Letter of motivation or a statement of purpose
  • Complete application form
  • Your academic transcripts
  • Your passport or identity card
  • Recommendation letters

Apply for as many scholarships as you can and make sure each application is unique and different. Don‘t copy application letters and essays, be very creative or go through a scholarship agency to increase your chance of getting a scholarship.

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