Your Microsoft Teams Calls Are Set To Get A Lot More Creative

Your Microsoft Teams calls are set to get a lot more creative. Reports now claim that more participants will be visible on Microsoft Teams calls.

Your Microsoft Teams Calls Are Set To Get A Lot More Creative

Your Microsoft Teams Calls Are Set To Get A Lot More Creative

A newly introduced update on the Microsoft teams platform now means that you will soon get to see more of your colleagues whether you like it or not.

Microsoft Teams, a video conferencing platform, is now working on an interactive large gallery upgrade. The upgrade now simply means that your calls on the platform will include feeds from more people than it used to.

Microsoft in its post on the official Microsoft 365 roadmap, the description of the update notes that users soon will be able to view up to 49 video participants all at once, so I guess its high time you get on working on the ‘engaged smile’ look.

Microsoft Teams Calls Set To Get Bigger With New Update

Users as well as being able to see more participants in their calls can now interact with other people through actions such as pin and spotlight and also observe their meeting activities like reactions and raise hand.

And as for now, the update is still listed as being in development. But, however, has a scheduled general availability date of September 2022. This, therefore, means that users will not have to wait for so long to get started with the update and its new features. And when the update is available, it will be available for users of Microsoft teams across the web and desktop.

The news making the rounds is that the latest upgrade from Microsoft teams is to ensure that users all over the globe get access to all the tools that they need to get the very best out of the service and this includes Together Mode. This very mode or feature was launched back in the summer of 2020. It brings all attendees into a shared virtual background with the set goal of “making it feels like you’re sitting in the same room with everyone else”.

Microsoft Also Revealed a Series of New Presenter Modes

The tech company also revealed a series of new presenter modes recently that are designed to help users of Microsoft Teams shape their presentation style to particular occasions such as standout mode. The standout mode sets the video feed of the presenter in front of the side deck while the reported mode on the other hand places the content just above the shoulder in the style and manner of a news broadcast.

Also announced by Microsoft is that it is currently working on adding Question and Answer capabilities to Teams webinars and meetings thus bringing a whole new level of collaboration and interactivity to the platform.


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