Splatoon 3 Is Hosting a Free Demo Splatfest on August 27

Splatoon 3 is hosting a free demo Splatfest on august 27. That being said, owners of Nintendo switch can now try out the colorful shooter later this month, not too far away.

Splatoon 3 Is Hosting a Free Demo Splatfest on August 27

Splatoon 3 Is Hosting a Free Demo Splatfest on August 27

Next month, Splatoon 3 arrives on Nintendo switch. But however, just before then, players will have the chance to try put the colorful shooter with a free ‘world premiere’ Splatfest demo.

The Splatfest is set to take place on august 27 from 9 am to 9 pm PT. and just like splatfest’s in prior Splatoon games, players will be able to vote to join a side and then take parts in Turf War battles to garner up points for their various teams. At the end of the event, the side with the most points will be declared the winner.

And while splatefests have been a staple of the Splatoon series ever since the first installment of the Wii U, they will have to work a tad bit differently in Splatoon 3. This time around however, there will be three different sides to select from. For the world premier event on the other hand, players will get to determine once and for all which the best is: rock paper or scissors.

Splatfest Twist Will Be Divided Into Two Halves

Splatfest in another reported twist will now be divided into two different halves. And during the first portion of the event, players will get to take part in the traditional four-versus-four Turf War battles just as it is in the previous games. However, during the second portion, there will be new tricolor battles. And in these matches, four players from the team that is leading and two players from the second and third place teams will get to battle in a three way Turf war.

How to Download the Splatoon 3 World Premiere Splatfest Client

The Splatoon 3 world premiere splatfest client can be downloaded by users for free directly from the Nintendo eShop. You should however know that you must have a Nintendo switch online subscription in order to participate in the event immediately it goes live. But every other person that download the client will get a code for a free seven day trial to the online service.

When Will the Splatoon 3 Launch

Splatoon 3 will launch on September 9. Gaming platform Nintendo has promised two complete years of update for the game and this is including new weapons, stages and modes. Also teased by the company is a major paid DLC expansion as it is currently on the works and will also feature off the hook’s pearl and marina. But as of the moment, no other announcements have been made.


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