Building Maintenance Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Building Maintenance Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship is one topic you will love to read about and trust us to give you a detailed explanation about it. Are you a building maintenance worker or a specialist in building maintenance?


Then, this is for you. Building maintenance jobs in USA with visa sponsorship gives foreigners the opportunity to live and legally work in the United States.

This Sponsorship program gives all foreigners the opportunity to get sponsored by relatives. However, the interesting part is that, if you don’t have a relative to sponsor you, you can get sponsored by an employer in the United State. You can say, that’s the Usefulness of having a skill.

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Building Maintenance Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The United State Citizenship Immigration service had to introduce a sponsorship program in other to solve the issue of manpower shortage in companies. It is understood that the United State economic growth rest on the increasing productivity of United State companies. This sponsorship program help employer get sponsorship visa and increase their chances of getting USA Visa for foreigners.

 Who is a Building Maintenance Worker?

Building maintenance workers perform a variety of semi-skilled and unskilled tasks in the maintenance, alteration and repair of buildings and related facilities and equipment and perform other related duties as required.

The building maintenance workers are also called general maintenance workers, repair workers, handymen or repair technicians. Hence, they are responsible for keeping buildings, shops or equipment in good repair.

Building maintenance workers are in high demand in the United State and this job is equally available to foreigners also. If you like to work in the United State and also secure accommodation, you will be needing a sponsorship visa.

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What is a USA Sponsorship Visa?

Are you confused about what a visa sponsorship means? Well, there are many opinions as regards this question. However, the long and short of it all is that visa sponsorship is the willingness of a US resident to take total responsibility for a foreigner’s stay in the United State.

This simply means that the foreign funds will be taken care of by the US resident. Notwithstanding, a sponsor can be either a relative, employer or employee.

Furthermore, for a sponsorship to be approved, the sponsor will have to state a petition to the United State citizenship immigration service for approval.

Building Maintenance Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Building Maintenance Jobs Requirements

Are you anticipating becoming a building maintenance worker but you don’t know the requirement or what it takes to become one? if that is the case, you should read through the list below and get your desired information.

  • Proven maintenance experience.
  • High school diploma or a general education degree (GED).
  • Related degree from a technical college.
  • Skilled in the use of hand and power tools.
  • Ability to take apart machines, equipment or devices to remove and replace defective ones.
  • Ability to communicate fluently in English.
  • Interpersonal relationship.
  • At least two years of work experience.

These are necessary requirements needed for the position of a building maintenance worker. However, some employers may demand a high school diploma while some would prefer to hire candidates who have an associate degree with a focus on plumbing and others.

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How to Get a Building Maintenance Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

Building maintenance jobs in the United State with visa sponsorship comes with lots of amazing. This includes a free visa, a well-paying job and also free accommodation in accordance with US laws.

However, you will have to meet up with certain requirements such as a well standard educational qualification, and proven experience skills. Etc. When you are sure of having an updated requirement, you have to search online for a job and apply when you find any vacant position.

How to Apply for a Building Maintenance Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship

The Application process for a building maintenance job in the United State is listed below

  • Search for job postings online using any social platform, such as LinkedIn. You can also search for H1B visa sponsors information for easy application.
  • Ensure you are qualified for the job and you are having a matching qualification with what is stated online.
  • Set up a well-organed CV and an application letter that United State employers would love to see.
  • State a value you will add to the company when you are employed.
  • Submit your application online by uploading it to the company’s portal.

When that is done, you will be contacted by the employer if you qualify. Your pay rate will be determined and a petition will be sent to the USCIS for your sponsorship.

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Building Maintain Worker Salaries

The average salary for building maintenance is $19.44 per hour in the United States and $7,163 overtime per year. 6.3k salaries reported, updated on July 5, 2022. The salaries of maintenance men in the US range from $18,055 to $60,060 with a median salary of $36,630. The middle 50% of maintenance men make $30,478 with the top 83% making $60,060.

Can I get a Sponsorship without a Work Visa?

Yes. You can get a work visa in the United State without being sponsored by any company. There are three types of via that give immigrants the opportunity to live and work in the US without job offers. These visas include EB-1, O-1 and EB-5 visas.

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EB-1 visa

The EB-1 Visa is a type of United State work visa that allows foreign workers with extraordinary abilities to live and work within the country. This visa type is also for researchers and outstanding professors.

Executives and managers of foreign companies who are transferred to work in the United State can apply for this visa.

O-1 Visa

This is another type of visa that allows foreigners to work within the US without getting a job offer. The o-1 visa is for people with special abilities in Business, sports, science, arts, and other related fields.

It is similar to the EB-1 visa and individuals who apply for this visa are required to work within their fields of expertise.

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EB-5 Visa

The EB-5 visa is a work visa issued under the employment-based fifth preference visa program. This visa type is issued to a foreign investor who is willing to immigrate to the US and provides job opportunities for at least ten Americans.

Do US Companies Sponsor Visas?

A US employer that wants to hire foreign workers in their organization will be asked to sponsor them in their visa application, by granting them a corticate of sponsorship for work. The longest an employer can sponsor a for work. The longest an employer can sponsor a foreign worker is five years.

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Who needs Visa Sponsorship?

Visa sponsorship means an employer is willing to obtain a work visa for highly qualified candidates who live outside the United States. It’s not a simple process for employers. They must prove that they were unable to fill their Vacancies with qualified American workers for sponsorship of a visa.

Why Building Maintenance is Important?

The building maintenance practice is needed in every development. It is because the building needs to be well maintained in order to retain the value of the property itself.

Furthermore, the building also continues to fulfil its function and will give convenience to tenants and occupants in the building.

What are the Duties of a Building Maintenance Worker?

Cleans, maintains and repairs building fixtures and equipment, including locks, windows, doors, screens, Venetian blinds, gutters, drains, shelving and kitchen Utensils, and replaces light bulbs and fuses.



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