H1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs – Apply Now!

H1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA gives foreigners the opportunity to get sponsored for an H-1B work visa. If you are looking forward to working states as foreigners, you can apply for a job that offers an H-1B visa sponsorship.

H1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs

In this article, you will discover all you need to know about these jobs, how to apply and lots more. So, keep on reading.

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H1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs

There are various ways you can get sponsored for a visa to immigrate to the United States. You can get sponsored by a spouse or relative who is a U.S permanent resident. But in the case where you don’t have a relative to sponsor you, applying for a job in the U.S that offers visa sponsorship for foreigners becomes an option.

There are different types of visas you can apply for when you are under an employment based visa sponsorship but this article will be focusing on the H-1B visa.

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What is H1B Visa?

The H1B Visa is what most U.S employers sponsor their foreign workers for. With this, it is important for you to know and understand what an H1B visa is. The H1-B visa is a type of visa that allows foreign workers in specialty occupations live and work in the United State. A specialty occupation is a job that requires the application of specialized knowledge in that field.

A specialty occupation also requires a bachelor’s degree which is equivalent to the U.S educational standards. The H1B Visa is further divided into three categories and they will be discussed in this section of the article. An example of specialty occupation includes Engineering, law, fashion designing, accounting, business specialties, and physical sciences.

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H1B Specialty Occupation

This category of H1B visa requires a practical application of knowledge and a minimum educational qualification of a Bachelor’s degree. To get this visa, you need to be a hold a foreign or U.S bachelor’s degree or higher in the Specialty occupation. You also need to have a specialized training and work experience in the specialty occupation.

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H1B DOD Researcher and Development Project Worker

This visa category is for Researchers and developments Project workers. It also requires a Bachelor’s degree or an equivalent certification. In addition to this, you need a state license that allows you practice the job duties in that specialty.

The petition for the H1B DOD Researcher and Development Project Worker requires a verification letter from the DOD project manager, a description of your duties in relation to the project etc. This category of visa does not need an application for a labor condition.

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H1B3 Fashion Model

The H1B3 Fashion Model visa is the last category of visa under the H-1B visa. This visa types is for foreign workers that want to work in the United States fashion industry.

To be eligible for this visa, you need to possess fashion designing skills or be a fashion model with exceptional abilities. This visa category requires an application for a labor condition from the United States Department of Labor (DOL).

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H1B Visa Requirements

Before you can apply for and obtain the H1B visa, you need to meet the requirements. The general requirements of the H1B visa include:

  • The Job must be listed under the specialty occupation.
  • The employee must also be at least a U.S bachelor’s degree holder. If the degree is a foreign one, it must be equivalent to the United States degree.
  • An unrestricted license is also needed as this will help the applicants practice fully in the specialty occupation.
  • If you are applying for the H1B3 visa, you should be a fashion model or designer with special abilities.

These are the general requirements needed for the H1B visa. You can get sponsored for this visa by getting a United States job offer.

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How to Get an H1B Visa Sponsorship Job in USA

Getting an H1B visa sponsorship job is not as hard as it may sound. To get the job, you need to meet the requirements of the specialty occupation you are willing to work in.

This includes at least a Bachelor’s degree, work experience, CPR Certification etc. With this, you can search  for job vacancies and apply for them.

How to Apply for H1B Visa Sponsorship Jobs in USA

The procedure for applying for a H1B visa job has been outlined below:

  • Search for Job vacancies in your specialty occupation online. You can also make use of the H1B visa sponsors database. This website contains a database of H1B visa sponsors.
  • Go through the Job listings and sort out the ones you can apply for.
  • Next, you need to write a cover letter stating why you should be hired for the job and what values you will add to the company if you are hired.
  • Also, prepare your resume containing your educational qualifications and skills.

If you qualify for the Job, you will be contacted by the employer. Your pay will be determined and after this, the visa sponsorship process can begin.

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How to Sponsor a Foreigner for an H1B Visa

If you are a U.S employer, you can hire a foreign worker. With this, you will need to sponsor his or her visa. The process for sponsoring a foreigner for an H-1B visa has been outlined below:

  • Review the job description and ensure that it qualifies as a specialty occupation. Ensure that the duty of the job is a unique one that requires an individual with a degree.
  • The next step is to decide on the pay rate of the employee. The pay must be at least the minimum required wage. The wage rate will also be subtitled when applying for a labor certification.
  • The next step is to inform the United States work force. You will be required to state the number of nonimmigrant workers you seek to employ, the locations they will be employed and lots more.
  • The next step is to obtain a labor certification by submitting a labor condition application to the United States Department of Labor (DOL).
  • After this, you can register with USCIS for the H-1B Visa lottery and await the lottery selection results.

Other things you will be required to submit the required forms to USCIS and instruct the worker to apply for the H-1B visa.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What are the Benefits of Being an H-1B Visa Holder?

There are so many benefits of being an H-1B visa holder. This visa gives you the access to live and work legally in the United States. H1B visa holders can also bring their partners and children who are under 21 to the United States.

They are can also remain in the United States for as long as the H1B holder remains in the country.

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How do I get an H1B Visa Sponsorship?

You can get sponsored for the H-1B visa by searching and applying for H1B visa sponsorship jobs. Also, you can apply for internships in U.S    companies, find jobs in U.S universities, and apply for jobs in a Global IT company. This will help you get a H1B visa sponsorship.

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How long will it Take to get the H1B Visa?

The demand for the H1B visa in the United States is quite high. Hence, it takes several weeks to few months to process the H-1B visa. The Regular H-1B visa processing time takes about four weeks to twenty four weeks. The premium processing time however is within 15 days of submission.



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