Best Student Planner – How Do I Make a Student Daily Planner?

The best student planner will help you to schedule each event, appointment, and order items. With a planner, students are more likely to keep track of their assignments and enhance communication between teachers, students and parents.

Best Student Planner

A student planner is all about a planner given to students in order to create a group and a better message. Read on for more information.

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Best Student Planner

presently, planners come in different types and layouts. Though the planner designs may change, but they all had the same features.

You can go for a planner that best matches your goals. For instance, there are some planners that work mostly well for students with ADHD.

When buying a student planner, make sure you check the space, and the planner layout, and also ask yourself how you will use this planner.

In addition, one of the good things about student planners is that they are designed with students in mind. one of the features of a good planner is accommodating all things users need.

What Types of Planners will work Best for Students?

One of the to consider when buying a student planner is the grade level of the student that will use it. Some of the planners are designed for elementary school students, while others are more appropriate for middle school or college students.

When shopping for students in middle, high school, or college, there are three types of planners I recommend. They include Dated planners, Bullet journals, and undated planners.

Work Planner: this planner keeps track of your day-to-day activity. It is also best for business people. With the planner, you can keep all school details organized in one place so that you don’t have to refer to different applications.

Dated Planner: This planner is labelled monthly and weekly page layout. In some of the dated planners, you will find prompts in titled sections to get you to think and reflect on your goals for the coming year.

Bullet Journals: A bullet journal is exactly what it sounds like and is another great idea for a student planner. It is a simple journal where you use bullets to plan your entire day.

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7 Best Student Planner

Here are the lists of our top pick’s planners for students in the middle, high school, elementary school student and many more. Just scroll through the list below:

Best Student Planner 2022-2023 – Academic planner

This best planner for 2022 to 2023 is for the academic school year, which contains a weekly planner with stickers, week’s goals, printed tabs and golden twin-wire binding. Plus, a holiday reminder, calendar reference and strong gold twin-wire binding make it perfectly organized for students.

In addition, the monthly pages grouped together before the weekly pages, include the location of the monthly target and the main holiday marked.


Best Planner for Elementary School student – Global Datebooks Dated

This elementary school student planner has everything you need to be successful for the 2022-2023 school year. This book is easily organized, cover up to 7 school subject per day and monthly calendar to help with important dates.

In addition, the planner includes a clip-in bookmark/ruler combo, fun planning stickers, and 19 resource pages including math, geography, social studies and English. With also nice space cover design.

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Best Planner for Middle and High School Students – Cool Planner

There are best planners for middle and high school students. The planner pages are laid out in a weekly block calendar format with daily lined sections to jot down assignments and due dates.

There are columns and open formats that help kids who may not have class schedules every day. In addition, the planner includes age-appropriate, interactive games, puzzles, cartoons, and thought-provoking articles.


Best for Middle School Students – Taurus’s Planner

This is the 2022 to 2023 middle student planner. It is with weekly and monthly pages inside, which is perfect for students’ daily use, such as writing down the study schedules, daily activities, appointments, etc.

Each monthly page of the planner contains monthly goals list space, large blocks for writing, a notes section, a past and future months Calendar, and highlighted holidays. It is designed with a flexible cover,inner pocket, stickers, ruler, and premium paper.

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Best High School Student – Elan Publishing Company

This academic planner is sure to keep every student on track each day. It is professionally designed with a blue laminated cover, wire-o binding with a wrap design, and a 3-hole drill for insertion into 3-ring binders.

Everything high school students need for a successfully 2022-2023 school year is packed into these convenience-sized planners.


Best Planners for College Students- Global Datebook

This large-sized hardcover planner and Agender is perfect for college students. It is easily organized with a matrix format for daily and weekly views, covering up to 7 school subjects per day and monthly calendars to help remember important dates.

In addition, it includes planning stickers and a clip-in bookmark combo to always know what week it is. It is designed with a blue colour cover.


Best Runners Up Planners for College Students – Elan Publishing Company

This undated academic organizer planner comes with a weekly view. It is one of the best runners-up planners for college students with an extra-heavy laminated cover, and wire-o bound wrap design.

You can as well locks covers on and 3 holes drilled for insertion into 3 ring binders. However, the days of the week are across the top and room for seven subjects down the side.

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Best Planner App for Students

Some students may prefer to forgo the planner route, and instead use an app for tracking assignments and homework. Below is the perfect app for that:

Homework App   

This app is very easy to operate and also easy for a student to track their assuagement, projects, tests, and upcoming events. Student can as well load their class schedule into the app as well.

In addition, my homework app also syncs between devices so you can record entries on your phone and then see them on your laptop as well. The app is perfect for college students.

Best App Planner for College Students – Simple College planner


  • Organized college courses during the week
  • Add information about your professors
  • Insert info about classrooms and class types
  • Activate a reminder for your college e activities

This personal organized planner app will give you a hand with keeping all the necessary info in one place. Your class schedule and info about professors and courses are going to be stored on your smartphone or tablet, at the reach of your hand in this cool college planner.

In addition, you will have the chance to add the beginning and end times for your courses and in the same place, the info about the classroom where the lecture is held can be added.

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How Do I Make a student Daily Planner?

To make a student planner daily you have:

Select the right planner for you, you can check our list above.

  • Fill in any permanent sue dates
  • Jot down your daily homework
  • Set daily steps and weekly goals to reach them
  • Keep track of upcoming assignment
  • Learn time management
  • And finally, keep it positive and make it fun.

Do I Need a Planner for High School?

A customized planner is especially useful to high school students. A well-designed planner can support them with their organizational skills, help them balance their time and workload, and maximize their productivity. Include time management tips.

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Do I Need a Planner for High School?

A customized planner is especially useful to high school students. Plus, a well-designed planner can support them with their organizational skills, help them balance their time and workload, and maximize their productivity.

Does Google Have a School Planner?

There are a variety of views to see your events at a glance. Add evening activities to their calendars to help them manage time and plan when they will complete homework and study. Google Docs can be attached to events on the calendar; no more looking for homework when it’s time to complete it.

Do Student Planners Work?

It makes it easy to plan out school work and stay organized. The academic pressure placed on school children can be difficult to handle, especially since there is so much for them to remember all of the time.



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