Amazon Music Car Mode Gets Streaming Apps a makeover for Road Safety – Amazon Music Car Mode Latest Features

If you are current with using Amazing Music Car Mode, you should have noticed some pretty impressive features the model accommodates. The Amazon Music car mode gets streaming apps a makeover for road safety giving users of the mode a much safer driving experience while listening to their favorite road song.

Amazon Music Car Mode Gets Streaming Apps a makeover for Road Safety

Amazon has included a new car Mode to its Amazon Music App, with the aim of making it a lot easier to handle playback while reducing distractions while driving. As you would expect, this latest interface would include simplified controls and a much bigger text to save you from squinting at your smartphone, along with the included Alexa voice control so that you might not even require to move your hands from the wheel.

Amazon Music Car Mode Gets Streaming Apps a makeover for Road Safety

You can Access the Music Car Mode when you connect through your Bluetooth to a vehicle’s audio system, either switching it on automatically or manually. The functionality remains the same – the existing app has possessed things like the Alexa support already – but the buttons get bigger, and there are now a lot of customizable presets for specific playlists, albums, and streaming stations that you would listen to more often.

Alternatively, you can choose to let the app figure out the presets themselves, and pulling you from what you would often listen to, your existing library, and what sort of music that you would have been browsing.

Amazon is not the first company to launch a car-specific interface. Spotify possesses a unique UI for automotive use for some time now, with an interface automatically switching over if you want to connect through your smartphone projection system just like the Apple CarPlay or the Android Auto. Apple Music would, of course, work with the CarPlay too, While Google’s Music service would do the same with the Android Auto.

Amazon Music Car Mode Latest Features

It is not every car that comes with CarPlay or Android Auto, however. And so, if you wish to connect through an aux-in cord or Bluetooth a special interface that is within the individual music apps still comes with the safety value they possess.

While the Car Mode should automatically launch when Amazon Music App detects that you have connected through Bluetooth, you also get to load it manually. Inside the app, the menu that is in the top right corner now has a “car Mode” option. To exit this simplified interface, meanwhile, you can choose to hit the “exit Car Mode” button or disconnect your Bluetooth if you have been making use of the wireless connection.

Smartphones have now been made available for things like streaming music playback and navigation for much broader, but they also introduced a potential hazard into the cabin. Currently, Distracted driving is now one of the major causes of accidents and road deaths that is happening in the United States, with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) blaming it for 3,142 deaths that took place in 2019.

Adjusting music has also been recognized as one of the major distractions. Amazon Music Car Mode that Gets Streaming Apps a makeover for Road Safety is here to reduce these frequently occurring distractions.

In other to access the Car Mode, you would be required to get the latest version of the Amazon Music app. On iOS devices, it is the V10.7.0, while on Android devices, it is the v17.7.4. Anyone looking to download it can do that from the Google play store or Apple store on your smartphone.

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