Telsa’s CEO, Elon Musk Announces Plan for the Cybertruck 4-Motor Variant

Telsa’s CEO, Elon Musk announces plan for the Cybertruck 4-motor variant. It was previously stipulated for a tri-motor variant which was going to be top-shelf. But the Cybertruck will now have a motor for each of its wheels.

Telsa’s CEO, Elon Musk Announces Plan for the Cybertruck 4-Motor Variant

Telsa’s CEO, Elon Musk Announces Plan for the Cybertruck 4-Motor Variant

Production plans for Telsa’s Cybertruck once again are changing. The CEO of Telsa, Elon Musk on Friday said on Twitter that the first Cybertruck going out on production will be a four-motor variant coupled with independent, ultrafast response torque control of each of its wheels.

With the announcement by musk, this means that the production of the tri-motor variant which was meant to be the first has now been pushed aside. And also the four-motor variant is something new.

Telsa’s Cybertruck Specs and Features

Since the Telsa Company does not run a public relations department, requests for comment could not be filed directly and in the process clarifications on the truck’s specs and features cannot be obtained.

With the announcement of the four-motor variant, it just could be that the idea for a tri-motor variant has been put to rest in its favor, and also there is no word on what becomes of the dual and single-motor electric pickups.

People with Tri-motor Reservations

Elon Musk however said on Twitter that those persons with reservations already for the truck that’s not the four-motor variant will be able to upgrade to it. Other pieces of information on the battery, specs, and other features of the truck were not provided but however noted that the Cybertruck will be an “insane technology bandwagon.”

Elon musk although revealed its plans for front and rear-wheel steering systems on one of the models of the truck at least. This feature will allow the truck to drive diagonally just like a crab. The GMC Hummer EV already boasts of this feature and also features the name “CrabWalk” which ultimately gives the huge EV its ability to drive diagonally.

When Will Production of the Cybertruck Begin

Scheduled to start production at the end o the year at the company’s new factory in Austin Texas, but however, production has been delayed to sometime in 2022 for the first Cybertrucks. By this time, the Texas factory should be online and also putting out the model Y SUVs before the Cybertruck will be rolled out.


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