The Infamous Wiper of Tesla’s Cybertruck Will Cost Users $165 To Replace

The infamous wiper of Tesla’s Cybertruck will cost users $165 to replace. And for those who are wondering as to this come about this price, well, know that the parts catalog of the Cybertruck may just do well to reveal the price.

The Infamous Wiper of Tesla’s Cybertruck

The Infamous Wiper of Tesla’s Cybertruck

The Verge, which is one of the main sources for Tesla Cybertruck windshield wiper news, is unreasonably hyped to potentially reveal that a Cybertruck windshield wiper replacement may cost users as little as $165 for the entire arm as well as blade assembly, or just $75 for the wiper blade itself.

Source of This Information

That in question is the word from Tesla watcher Nic Cruz Patane, who, like all good windshield wiper enthusiasts out there, has seemingly been paging through the Tesla parts catalog for the Cybertruck but, very much unlike the rest of us, seemingly has direct access to prices for each part. We can see the same page, without the prices, and it seems to be one single wiper blade after all.

Breakdown of the Cost of Tesla’s Cybertruck Windshields

The entire windshield of the Cybertruck will also be replaceable, of course, and it will cost you a cool $1,900, assuming that these prices are genuine and assuming that they are consumer prices rather than just internal prices. (I am not so sure if that is a safe assumption, but if it is so, then they seem reasonable for a $60K-and-up vehicle.)

Meanwhile, the merely baseball-proof side windows of the truck should run between $225 as well as $260 per chunk of glass.

Tesla Cybertruck Delivered To Customers

Telsa reportedly made delivery of the first Cybertrucks to clients at a recent event that took place at the end of the previous month of November.



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