The Samsung Galaxy Ring Will Be Light and It Will Come Up In Many Sizes and Finishes

The Samsung Galaxy Ring will be light and it will come up in many sizes and finishes. This new development is coming in as more details of the surprise ring from the tech conglomerate emerge.

The Samsung Galaxy Ring Will Come In Many Sizes

The Samsung Galaxy Ring Will Come In Many Sizes

During Samsung’s recent Unpacked launch event, while the spotlight was on the Galaxy S24 phones, there was an intriguing glimpse of another upcoming device—the Samsung Galaxy Ring. Additional details about this anticipated wearable are now surfacing, shedding light on what consumers can expect.

Industry analyst Avi Greengart, who claims to have had hands-on experience with the smart ring, describes it as “ridiculously light.” This characteristic suggests that wearing the device continuously should pose no inconvenience. Greengart further reveals that the Galaxy Ring will be available in “three finishes” and in sizes up to 13. The reference to “sizes up to 13” likely pertains to the US ring size measurement, equivalent to an inside diameter of 0.874 inches or 22.20mm.

The Release Is Expected Later This Year

The release of this wearable is expected “later this year,” as stated by Greengart. However, details about its pricing remain uncertain, with Greengart noting that it is “TBD.” It appears that Samsung has yet to finalize the cost of this new hardware.

According to Greengart, the Galaxy Ring is designed with a focus on tracking health, wellness, and sleep metrics. This positions the device as a direct competitor to existing smart rings like the Oura. The Samsung Galaxy Ring is anticipated to have the capability to monitor various metrics, similar to those typically tracked by smartwatches or fitness trackers.

The Galaxy Ring Is Beautiful and Ready

While Samsung has shared minimal information about the Galaxy Ring thus far, Patrick Chomet, a representative from the company, has described the hardware as “beautiful” and “ready.” However, the official release is slated for “a bit later in the year.”

Speculation suggests a potential launch around July, aligning with previous rumors and coinciding with the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6. Such a synchronized release strategy would make strategic sense for Samsung.

More Updates on the Samsung Galaxy Ring

As more information becomes available, we will provide official announcements and keep you informed about any additional details regarding Samsung’s venture into this new product category. Stay tuned for updates on the Samsung Galaxy Ring.



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