Netflix Drops Trailer for Its Anticipated Movie, Badland Hunters

Netflix drops trailer for its anticipated movie, Badland Hunters. The just-released trailer is a heady mix of zombies, earthquakes, and then an evil doctor. It is Marvel’s star and Korean great Don Lee versus the apocalypse in this movie.

Netflix Drops Trailer for Badland Hunters

Netflix Drops Trailer for Badland Hunters

“Badland Hunters,” a South Korean dystopian action movie directed by the talented Heo Myung-haeng, unfolds in the ruins of post-earthquake Seoul. Amidst the wreckage of what once were towering structures and a stable society, the film plunges into chaos. The story revolves around a dauntless hunter on a critical mission to save a young person from the clutches of a deranged doctor, who has imprisoned the youth in a camp overrun by dangerous cult members.

The protagonist, Nam-san, portrayed by the renowned Don Lee, known for his roles in “The Eternals” and “Train To Busan,” faces an overwhelming challenge. Not only does he navigate through hostile territories swarming with adversaries, but he also confronts a host of eerie, lethal entities that add a twist to his perilous journey. This compelling mix of elements, highlighted in the movie’s intriguing trailer, marks “Badland Hunters” as a must-watch among Netflix’s latest offerings this year.

If the just-released trailer is anything to go by, then we are in for some good and suitably shooty, punchy, and all of the gore that comes with zombie movies.

What You Need to Know about Netflix’s Badland Hunters

“Badland Hunters” emerges as a notable result of Netflix’s investment in South Korean creative prowess, aligning with other successful projects like the series “Black Knight.” This trend of post-apocalyptic narratives is evident, with both “Badland Hunters” and “Black Knight” sharing a backdrop of grim dystopias born from catastrophic events — an earthquake in the former and a meteor strike in the latter. These settings pave the way for high-stakes storytelling.

The success of “Black Knight” suggests a promising reception for “Badland Hunters.” Audiences are often drawn to action-packed films set in dystopian landscapes, especially when they feature compelling characters facing relentless dangers. The film’s appeal is further heightened by the presence of a highly charismatic actor in the lead role, enhancing its potential to captivate viewers and replicate the success of its thematic counterparts.

Why the Movie Is Much Anticipated

The anticipation surrounding “Badland Hunters” is fueled by hopes that it will match the quality of Don Lee’s acclaimed zombie thriller, “Train to Busan,” a favorite among the TechRadar team and highly regarded by audiences and critics alike. With an impressive score of 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, “Train to Busan” has been lauded as one of the greatest zombie apocalypse movies ever made.

Although “Badland Hunters” and “Train to Busan” differ in their directorial vision, with the latter directed by a different filmmaker, the new movie seems to promise a grander and more expansive narrative. The excitement and expectations are high, and if “Badland Hunters” manages to capture even a fraction of the essence that made “Train to Busan” so successful, it stands a strong chance of being listed among the best Netflix movies. This potential speaks volumes about the quality and impact expected from “Badland Hunters,” making it a highly anticipated release.

When Will It Start To Stream

Netflix’s Badland will begin streaming on Netflix on January 26 globally.



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