How to File an Insurance Claim Against Other Driver – How to File a Third-Party Claim

When you are involved in an auto accident, what may come to your mind is How to File an Insurance Claim Against the Other Driver. Accidents happen expectedly and it may not even be your fault.

How to File an Insurance Claim Against Other Driver

With this, you will have to file a claim against the other driver to cover for damages and loses. In this article, you will discover what you need to know about this topic.

How to File an Insurance Claim Against Other Driver

Getting involved in an auto crash can be traumatic and when you are not at fault, it makes the situation worse. You don’t have to pay for the damages you didn’t cause. Filling an auto insurance claim against the at fault driver becomes an option.

You can choose to file the claim against the driver with your own insurance company or with the other driver’s insurance company.

What is an Auto Insurance Claim?

An auto Insurance claim is a request you make to an insurance company after an accident to receive compensation for any damage caused to you, your car, and other individuals involved in the accident.

The Auto Insurance claim is a type of insurance claim and you may be asked to pay a deductible if you file it with your insurance company.

When Do I Need to File an Auto Insurance Claim?

You can file an Auto insurance claim immediately after an accident has occurred. This is if the damages caused to vehicle is much and you and other persons have also been injured.

If the estimates of the damages caused to your car is less than the deductible or a little above it, you may have to repair the damages yourself. This is because filing a claim with your insurance company when you are at fault my increase your premium rate or lead to the cancelation of your policy.

Another case where you can file an auto insurance is when your car has been stolen.

Should I File a Claim with My Insurance or the Other Driver’s Insurance Company?

Sometimes, it may be difficult deciding the Insurance company you want to file an auto claim with. Yours? Or the Other Driver? If the accident is caused by you, you have to file a claim with your own insurance company.

On the other hand, you may have to file a claim with the at fault’s driver when the accident is clearly not your fault. With this, you will not be required to pay a deductible.

However, if you have a collision coverage, you can file a claim with your insurance company even when you are not at fault. Whichever way you choose, ensure you contact your insurance company and inform them of the incident.

Third-Party Insurance Claim

A third-Party Claim means you are filing a claim against the other driver with his or her insurance company. The third-party insurance is termed so you are a third party to the Driver and the insurance company.

When you file a Third-party claim, the insurance company will have to approve it. If the Claim is approved, the insurance company of the at fault driver will be responsible for covering the repair costs. The insurance company will also pay for your transportation while the car is being repaired and cover any related medical bill.

How to File a Third-Party Claim

The process for filming a third-party claim has been outlined below:

  • Get Important details from the driver at the scene. Some of the important details includes the driver’s name, address, License and their insurance policy details.
  • Also take pictures and videos at the accident scene. This is evidence of the damages done to both vehicles.
  • Contact the Police. This is a very vial step. The police will investigate the accident and this will help you determine who is really at fault. You may also be required to file a police report.
  • After this, you need to gather the necessary document and evidence and contact your insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance company will represent you and ensure that the fault is rightly determined.

If the claim is accepted by the at fault driver’s insurance company. You will get a compensation. If the claim is rejected, you can file a claim with your own insurer if you have a collision coverage.

What Information Do I Need to File a Third-party Claim?

To File a third-party claim, you need provide the necessary information and documents. This involves the name of the at fault’s driver, his or her phone number and auto insurance policy number. You are also required to provide the details about the accident such as pictures and videos.

Should I Contact my Insurance Company Even When am Not at Fault?

When involved in an auto crash, it is important you contact your insurer even when it’s not your fault. This is because your insurer will represent you when you want to file a third-party claim.

Also, most insurance companies state it as a policy to contact them when an accident or theft occurs. Also, you may find an available coverage with your insurance company when you contact them.

How Long Do I Have to Report a Car Accident to my Insurance Company?

If you are involved in an accident, you need to report to your insurance company within 7 days. Even if you don’t intend filing an auto insurance claim, it is important you do so. If you want to file a claim, you should do so within 28 days.



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