Asia Development Bank | ADB Internship Program 2022 – Apply Now!

The ADB Internship Program is a learning opportunity for graduate students around the globe to add to their personal experiences when they carry out research as directed by ADB.

Asia Development Bank | ABD Internship Program 2022

ADB internship program is usually advertized twice every year to Interested individuals who are expected to be motivated, open-minded, and self-directed. There are varieties of internship programs for students and recent graduates.

About ADB Internship Program

The Asia Development Bank (ADB) is a renowned regional development bank, it was founded in December 1966 and has its headquarters in Mandaluyong, Philippines.

With the ADB Internship Program, the bank aims to promote social and economic development in Asia.  Meanwhile, ADB is managed and owned by 67 members, with 48 of the members from within Asia and the Pacific, while  19 are from outside.

There is no doubt that the ADB internship is an amazing chance to get first-hand knowledge of the activities of the Asian Development Bank and gain experience in the development field.

Additionally, Interns will have the privilege to work with experienced professionals in different fields and familiarize themselves with the latest trends and developments in the region.

ADB internship program is offered to students who have the interest to work in the field of international development. Both loans and grants are offered to members.

Details of ADB Internship Program

  • Name of Organisation: Asian Development Bank
  • Location: Mandaluyong, Philippines
  • Education: Minimum Bachelor
  • Status: Fully Funded

Benefits of ADB Internship Program

The benefits you can derive from participating in an internship with the Asian Development Bank (ADB) are numerous, they include the following;

  • The ADB Internship program is a great opportunity to gain experience in the field of international development.
  • It is an opportunity to learn about the work of ADB and its member countries.
  • The internship provides an opportunity to network with other professionals in the field.
  • The ADB internship program helps to build one’s resume and career prospects.

Requirements for the ADB Internship Program

To be eligible for this Internship,  candidates must:

  • Be current Master’s and PhD degree students in one of the ADB member nations.
  • The candidate must be studying an academic field that is directly related to ADB’s work
  • He/she must be a national of one of ADB’s members;
  • An applicant must have fluent in English; and
  • A professional experience relevant to the assignment.

How to Apply for ADB Internship Program

Kindly follow the guide below to apply for the ADB Internship Program:

  • You will need to begin the ADB internship application process online via the ADB Career and Employment System portal at:
  • The Application period for the 2023 Internship Program is as follows:
  • The 1st batch is from 15 July to 15 September 2022
  • On board: January 2023 onwards
  • The 2nd batch is from 15 December 2022 to 15 February 2023
  • On board: June 2023 onwards

Selection Process

Note that the ADB announces the assignments on the website and candidates choose assignments of interest.

  • Endeavour to prepare for your CVs and answer the essay questions.
  • Uploading of CV and Essay to ACES to complete application.

Very Important!

Late Applications will not be considered that is when submitted after the deadline date.



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