How to Download iPadOS 16 Public Beta on Your iPad

Are you interested in How to Download iPadOS 16 Public Beta on Your iPad? With the iPadOS 16 having been announced back at the WWDC, there has been a version available for developers to test out their apps, but now there is a new version that is out for everybody to try out.

How to Download iPadOS 16 Public Beta on Your iPad

iPadOS 16 Public Beta

Anyone can try out the public beta as long as they are using an iPad released from 2017 onwards. However, things actually can change between now and when the iPadOS 16, would finally arrives, and this was proven by Safari in 2021.

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Also, it might be a little unstable, so we would only recommend you to download it if you are keen on trying out iPadOS 16 and what stage management entails. Otherwise, you might want to wait until the final release, currently scheduled for later this year.

Regardless, here I would be giving you the steps you need to follow to download the iPadOS 16 Public beta onto your iPad.

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How to Install the iPadOS 16 Developer Beta on your iPad

In other to download and install the public beta of iPadOS 16, you would be required to sign up for the Apple Beta Software program.

  • From the Apple Beta Software Program website, push on ‘Sign up, then enter your Apple ID and click ‘Sign in’.
  • After that, you need to enroll in your iPad. You should see a page available for enrolling devices. Scroll down till you see ‘Enroll your iPad”. You would be prompted to download an ‘iPadOS 16 Public Beta’ Profile.
  • Select your file once it has been downloaded, and once it has been installed, it would prompt you to restart your iPad.
  • Head Over to Settings > General > Software update. The iPadOS 16 public betas should appear there automatically. Once these pop up, tap on the install icon and it would start to download.

In just some moments and a couple of restarts, you would have the iPadOS 16 on your iPad. But have it at the back of your mind, that there would be slowdown and crashes at random moments for this early release.

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